Saturday, August 20, 2011

How do their gardens grow?

One guy grows figs in Astoria...
and another grows squash in Howard Beach. Backyard gardening is awesome.


Anonymous said...

we cannot enter our rear yard garden to harvest because of the swarm of asian tiger mosquitos. they bite through the clothing and are not deterred by "off".

could the stagnate rain puddles on 42nd avenue from 205 to 202 st.,in Bayside be incubating them? the deteriorated curbs of the center dividers have not been repaired in years. and now the d.o.t writes CM. Halloran that no money is available to replace them ?????

georgetheatheist said...

"Backyard gardening is awesome."

Indeed it is.

You eat my tomatoes, baby, you better bring a bib.

Joe said...

For Asian tiger mosquitos you need to go to a hunting supply store and get the repellent for green head marsh flys.

That or 40% DEET "OFF" like product. These Asian tiger mosquitos are the worst. They bite the split second they land on you.
I simply use a large fan and extension cord to harvest. They don't like wind and cant land on you