Saturday, August 20, 2011

Garbage tower too tall

From the NY Post:

Federal aviation regulators ruled in 2005 that the city's proposed Queens trash-transfer station was more than twice as tall as rules allowed -- but reversed course amid city lobbying, documents show.

At 110 feet tall, it was 62 feet higher than allowed for a building less than a half-mile from La Guardia Runway 31, the Federal Aviation Administration ruled, labeling the plan a "presumed hazard."

Bloomberg-administration officials appealed, and in September 2006 the FAA OK'd the structure -- although the FAA admitted it was in a "protection zone."

The Port Authority soon gave up its opposition.

The FAA declined comment, and the PA did not respond to a request for comment.


College Point Resident said...

I can't believe how fast the transfer station was built! How much did it cost? How much will it cost NYC taxpayers when a court decides it must come down? Will Bloomturd reimburse the city? Nah! I'm sure many of his "pals" got their palms greased...and not from NYC trash (unless we're speaking about the mayor).

PS I can't wait for the traffic tie-ups when the police academy is functioning!!! I didn't sign up for this crap when I moved here decades ago.

Anonymous said...

Did the Bloomberg administration bribe Federal officials? Say it isn't so!!! Can't wait to see our lowlife mayor spend some time behind bars. That's when I'll start to believe in divine justice.

Anonymous said...

Bloomberg-administration officials *appealed*, and in September 2006 the FAA OK'd the structure -- although the FAA admitted it was in a "protection zone."

Ace Drummond said...

Everthing's OK on my altimeter.

If my ship misses the transfer station....I might yet hit the RKO Keith's replacement building!

Well, here I go....

Oops...just lost a wing tip and it wasn't my shoes.

I'm putting down in Beechurst....look out below!

Der Bloom-Hitler said...

Mine hauz ain't in der flight path...zo who carez?

Fucken yooz all!

Az long az nine lantzman got zee building kontrakt!

Anonymous said...

So let me get this straight. The College Point garbage transfer station being built will not just be dangerous for Queens residents, it will put at risk the lives of every passenger taking off from LaGuardia Airport's Runway 31. It is being built at Bloomtard's insistence. Therefore, if god forbid there is a crash caused by a bird that had been feeding at the station, will that make the mayor a mass murderer? Something to ponder, eh?

Anonymous said...

This project is for the birds. It's a "tern" for the worse!

Anonymous said...

The FAA declined comment, and the PA did not respond to a request for comment.

And there ya have it!!!

Anonymous said...

While the issue of public safety is in the forefront to stop the station in College Point from opening, folks in Manhattan certainly organized to protest another garbage transfer station in Manhattan:

Once again the people of Queens get the shaft!!!

Anonymous said...

"Garbage tower too tall"

And the mayor's too short!


What did I miss?

Anonymous said...

One may wish a jet off 31 could be set it down on the new RKO Keith's, creek or Nassau St !

A stall from engine failure seconds off the runway 150-200 feet alt puts a commercial airliner down in the area of Flushing highshool like a 200mph 140 ton brick.
No chance or time to drop the RAM to establish basic hydraulic & electric to re-configure the airliner's surfaces for a controlled glide like Capt Sully did.

During certain weather and wind conditions jets take off into the east off LGA 31. (not a peep of this in any article I have seen)

The Mayor and some people at the FAA belong in jail. You know this was a back room payola deal. These crooks are going to murder 1000's of people. This is really crazy !!

Anonymous said...

LOL....RKO Keith's?

Demolition by airplane is far cheaper than the usual process!

That way Nussbaum/Thompson can avoid the multi million dollar cost of restoring the landmark lobby.

"We clain hardship...wah, wah, wah"!

Then they sit back and collect from their insurance company.

Why the hell did RKO's owner Thompson choose Donald Manes' bag man to represent him?

Are they partners or is Mike putting together a group of Asiatic investors while Patrick remains the Americano "front"?

Anonymous said...


With its dangerous wind conditions; icy winter runways; exceedingly short approach patterns; potential terrorist target; overcrowded air traffic; and now a high tower flocked with birds in the flight path!

I'll never fly from that airport again!

Hello Newark!