Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Where were they 4 months ago?

From Sunnyside Post:

Several members of the Sunnyside Chamber of Commerce are calling on the New York City Council to repeal the law that recently renamed the Queensboro Bridge the Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge.

Rebecca Barker, the new president of the Sunnyside Chamber of Commerce, asked Van Bramer at the United 40s Civic Association recently, whether he would act on the community’s behalf to change it.

“If there is a way to reverse it I will look into it,” Van Bramer said. Van Bramer said the renaming of the bridge was “one of the dumbest things we [the council] have ever done,” adding that “Koch never lived in Queens and spent most of his life in the Village.”

Barker said the chamber will soon be selling buttons on its website that will read: “Save the Queensboro Bridge.”


Shubel Morgan II said...

The Koch administration was more corrupt than the Tweed ring but the ringleader got out of hail free and collected his "two hundred dollars" too.

See the book "City For Sale"by Wayne Barrett and Jack Newfield

Koch is also a hired Bloomberg cheerleader.

mazeartist said...

Koch cheered for Bush too!

Georges said...

How dare they rename the bridge - they should pay for the renaming out of their pocket or have rich former Mayor Koch pay for it.

Anonymous said...

How dare they rename the bridge
Because, dear people, they can and they know that you cannot - or should we say - will not - do a thing about it....except reelect them with 80% of the vote.

Either grow a backbone or move on. Since there is almost no chance of the first thing, its a dead issue.

Anonymous said...

Which Queens councilmembers voted FOR?

Anonymous said...

The Sunnyside Chamber of Commerce is a bunch of sleazy slumlords who harass tenants and don't maintain their buildings.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Ed Koch say he gets nose bleeds everytime he goes over that bridge and wasn't it Mr. Koch who said that if you lived in the suburbs you were wasting your life.
Ed Koch is an East Village Club Democrat, why cant they name something down there after him ? Maybe because there's nothing down there to name! How'm I doin.

Anonymous said...

Sorry -- too little too late. We're stuck with the Koch bridge. Doesn't matter because everyone calls it the 59th Street Bridge or the Queensboro Bridge. Koch can die a happy queen thinking he's been honored. It's all about political payback.

Anonymous said...

the bridge name could be KOCH/MEYERSON (bess,his election "girlfriend").

it is now an extension of queer street, also known as 58 street.

Anonymous said...

Anyone knows who were the Queens councilmembers who voted to rename the bridge?

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 9 -

1) According to who?

2) There are 58th Streets in three boroughs. Which one are you talking about?

Anonymous said...

What's Jeff Kroessler, self styled, historian and Sunnyside Garden's resident, got to say?


Can't hear you Jeff.

Anonymous said...

Halloran and Vallone were joined in voting no only by councilmen Jimmy Van Bramer (D-Sunnyside) and Leroy Comrie (D-St. Albans) among the Queens delegation.