Friday, April 15, 2011

Developer lied to Council, Walmart probably coming

From the Daily News:

HPD officials conducting the hearing didn't tip their hand, but the sale of 25 acres to Related for $35 million for the Gateway II project in East New York is all but a done deal. The project already passed the City Council, and Mayor Bloomberg supports Walmart’s right to open in the city.

But opponents made a last-ditch effort to convince the city to block the sale, poking technical holes in the city’s appraisal of the property and charging Related only got the project through the Council by falsely claiming they wouldn’t bring in a Walmart. officials said the appraisal was done right and argued the sale is crucial so the money can pay for infrastructure for a major affordable housing project also planned at the site.

Related has refused to talk about any negotiations with Walmart, but lawyer Jesse Masyr said HPD should go ahead with the sale because of the 2,200 affordable apartments, 1,700 jobs, and 16 acres of parks the full project will provide.


Anonymous said...

the walmart foundation donated $1 to 5 million to the clinton foundation.(see wikipedia)

the walton family foundation also donated $1 to 5 to the clinton foundation.

while bubba was Governor of Arkansas,Hillary Clinton was a member of the board of directors of Walmart.

is a walmart coming to brooklyn?

bloomberg hosted international members of the clinton foundation this week ,at park avenue hotels and gracie mansion. bubba was there also.

Anonymous said...

The horror, the horror. Worry about the Koch Brothers.

Anonymous said...

Walmart, Schmalmart, who gives a crap! One big retailer is just like another. Is target any better, how much money have they been dishing out along with their phoney top down union RWDSU. Give Walmart a chance and maybe we'll all save some money and not have to drive to New Jersey or Long Island and spend our money.

FlooshingRezident said...

Support Chinese crap - shop at Wal-Mart!

Great employer - just ask the 1.5 million women participating in the class action lawsuit!

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 1:

The Walton Family are Liberals????


Do some real research instead of cherry picking. I'll bet they gave a heck of a lot more to RepubCons than Democrats!!!

ew-3 said...

Oh no the evil walmart foundation and the koch brothers !

Try doing some research. They gave chump change compared to the teachers unions. From 1990 through 2010 Walmart shows up as contributing 7 million to repubs (and 3 mill to dems).

During the same time period two teachers unions NEA and AFT contributed 58 million to the dems and 2 mill to repubs.

I wonder who has the most clout in congress ?

Follow the money. Taxes pay teachers, teacher union dues flow to the dems, the dems "invest" in education.

Where is the outrage over that?

Anonymous said...

For any doubts you may have on the minimal impact of the opening of a Walmart and the surrounding community & any employees it would employ..

Anonymous said...

let any store open that wants to take the risk.

just stop buying chinese produced products, if you can.

Americans are cutting their own throats.

we have to buy american ,even if the product is a few cents more.

we have to put Americans back to work ,in America.

a internet group of house wives suggest buying no chinese products in April/May,to send a message to store owners. WE WILL NOT BUY CHINESE ANYMORE....

Liman said...

Everybody hates Walmart. Except the public.

Anonymous said...

Walmart should have come to Flushing's former Caldor site instead of Sam Chang's Oriental mall.

Anonymous said...

Oh the irony. The Chinese behaving like capitalists - globally competitive and growing their economy, and the former capital of global manufacturing, New York (from the Erie Canal, New York Central RR, and of course the World Trade Center) - elite acting like petty isolationists - as if stopping Wal Mart from entering the city would is a triumph for the city's residents.

Anonymous said...

all of those ca$h registers....
in *East New York*....
will bloomy make kevlar vests tax deductible for the verkers?