Thursday, April 21, 2011

DSNY harassing innocent citizens with bogus tickets

From the NY Post:

Levy Zelishovsky, 72, received the avalanche of summonses at his Midwood office April 5 for supposedly illegally posting fliers advertising a moving company on public lampposts throughout Brooklyn. Each summons carries a $75 fine.

The problem, Zelishovsky said, is that he is not and never has been in the moving business.

It turns out that the mix-up occurred because the Department of Sanitation had apparently only done a reverse check on the phone number on the fliers, which led them to Zelishovsky.

The DOS said it has since learned that the phone number is Zelishovsky's old number, which he hasn't used since 2006.

Zelishovsky claims he's had the same phone number for 25 years and that he never owned the phone number on the flier.

He must still appear before a judge at the Environmental Control Board hearing April 29 to officially sort things out, although the DOS says it plans to write to the judge recommending that the summonses be voided.

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