Tuesday, April 12, 2011

3rd term's not a charm for Bloomie

From the NY Post:

Black's hiring took on a symbolic meaning far greater than the job itself. The secretive, unpopular choice of someone who was too far outside the box opened a window into Bloomberg's state of mind.

It wasn't a pretty picture. Starting with his manipulation of the term-limits law, Bloomy has been erratic. Even more telling than scandals like CityTime, the mayor is too flip about public concern.

Through his discipline and the persistence of talented staffers, Bloomberg mostly kept that imperious persona hidden for eight years. But the third term, staffed with a third team, has worked on him like a bottle of wine: It loosened his tie and his tongue.

He acts as if the job is somewhere between an entitlement and a consolation prize and that he can do it on automatic pilot. He's tuned out dissent and, in trickle-down fashion, some aides assumed a license to distort facts and trample truth.

From the Daily News:

So now Bloomberg, the only person in the whole city - besides Cathie Black - who thought [Cathie] Black should be schools chancellor despite her spectacular lack of qualifications, fires her because she isn't qualified for the job. It really is kind of wonderful. Bloomberg replaces Black with a different kind of crony, a City Hall insider named Dennis Walcott, apparently having just remembered that Walcott went to public school.

The mayor of New York is suddenly supposed to have turned into a very big guy because he said, "I take full responsibility for the fact that this has not worked out." It was a huge relief, of course, to people all over town who started to worry that they were to blame for Black's appointment.

This is apparently how low we currently set the bar for our elected officials: We're expected to carry them around the room when they admit they made a mistake...

The mistake was a third term for Bloomberg, the sense of entitlement he brought to the whole process. He is still running television commercials even though he is no longer running for anything. Commercials about Bloomberg, paid for by him. Perfect.


Anonymous said...

Bike Lanes, eminent domain, allowing Parks Comm Benepe to take Cedar Grove Beach Club from the residents who were stewards keeping the beach clean and open for public use...which is now being leased to HBO Boardwalk Empire. Nice isn't it? Idiots

Anonymous said...

As a former advertising industry executive, I can assure you that Bloomberg is now spending bushels of money on his slick mailings in an attempt to convince us---or is it to convince himself---that he's doing a great job as mayor.

But why bother? He's rich beyond all imaginings.

Is it pure vanity?
Does he desire to be loved, admired or respected?

Or...suddenly feeling mortal in his old age...has he become worried about his grand legacy he will be leaving to our great metropolis?

Nobody fully knows what's ever on the mind of our quirky 7'7" mayor.

Mike's recent behavior seems to indicate that his motives have gone well beyond mere damage control.

Are we now all witnessing the beginnings of a wealthy man's advancing senility?

When the spin doctors at the particular agency I worked for burned the midnight oil and spent mega bucks on a product they were charged with promoting...it was a desperate attempt to convince the public to buy what we knew outright was an inferior product.

It was a bad item our client was trying to sell, so we had to overcompensate with major hoopla and ballyhoo.

All the money in the world; all the creative talent; all the time billed: couldn't sell a lemon.

Such is the case for Michael Bloomberg.

He's a lemon...a bad product who should be pulled off the shelves.

linda said...

he sucks! and will go down as the worst mayor of all time..

Anonymous said...

And for the next mayor people will choose the NEXT worst candidate and vote him in twice and after the next mayor it will continue until people WAKE UP.

Mayor Mike said...

Schmucks! I'm gonna buy myself a fourth term as well. It beats working for a living!

Anonymous said...

Does Black get a pension for her time of service? If so how much?

Anonymous said...

"Does Black get a pension for her time of service? If so how much?"

Oh stop it! Of course not.

Anonymous said...

RE: "as a former ad agency employee"

was it not unethical for YOU and YOUR FIRM to promote an inferior lemon to the public . i hope you exposed this scam ? did you ?
or were you an enabler and spent the producers money?

Anonymous said...

So which bridge will the Council rename after him?

Anonymous said...

So which bridge will the Council rename after him?

Anonymous said...

This is the "financial genius" who was going to get us financially back on track. Instead he's doubled our real estate taxes and thrown money away on things like bike lanes. I'm sleeping well at night knowing I didn't vote for him. Anyone else?

Al Byoomin said...

Mike's recent behavior seems to indicate that his motives have gone well beyond mere damage control.

Eggsactly! The yolk's on you!

Anonymous said...

He should step down - go back to Bermuda and stop tormenting us.

Anonymous said...

D.Walcott was a member of the former N.Y.C.Board of Education ,when David Dinkins (the tax cheat for four years) was mayor.

he taught kindergarten for a short time. he was J.Kleins aide for eight years.

did he not know that the public school s.a.t. scores were faked all those years. the pupils with Regents Diplomas could not do first year college math and grammar. they must take remedial language arts and math, now.
the U.F.T. is now in complete control of a ever increasing $22,000,000,000. (BILLION) yearly budget.

watch your property tax go higher and higher and higher.