Tuesday, April 26, 2011

City can't keep its own buildings up to code

From the Daily News:

Investigators hunting for building violations can start with a tour of city buildings - including the one where they work.

One Police Plaza and the Manhattan Criminal Court have about 100 infractions apiece - and the Department of Buildings headquarters is plagued with nearly two dozen, a Daily News review of municipal records shows.

Even Gracie Mansion, the mayor's ceremonial residence on the East River, has a slew of violations linked mostly to unfiled paperwork.

Although most of the violations at city buildings posed no immediate threat, they highlight a seemingly lackadaisical - and hypocritical - approach to enforcement.

Building inspectors cited their own building for 20 infractions. The open citations include cracked facades and inadequate fire-prevention measures.


Anonymous said...

Laws, like taxes, are just for the "little people".

Anonymous said...

is this why the N.Y.C. Department of Health moved out of 125 Worth Street in Manhattan, and into a new building on Queens Plaza South ?

or did the condo business fail to fill it with the bike lane gang.

Anonymous said...

Not to mention how debris falls on visitors at Fort Totten, owned by FDNY.