Thursday, April 21, 2011

Do as we say, not as we do

From CBS 2:

CBS 2’s Derricke Dennis obtained a copy of the councilman’s complaints, a long list of 944 city properties with broken or missing sidewalks. Ignizio wants the city to fix what’s on the list, while cutting homeowners a break.

In response, a city spokesman said in the last five construction seasons $5 million was spent repairing sidewalks at city-owned properties. Another $4.5 million was spent on sidewalk repairs to private properties, said to be proof the city is on the job.

But Councilman Ignizio said there are still too many areas with no sidewalk at all.

“Really the city needs to check its own inventory before it starts going after people and violating them when they don’t have sidewalks in most of their own properties in my district,” Ignizio said.

He’s demanding the city not only talk the talk, but walk the walk.


Anonymous said...

I loved it when that S.I. resident said " If it was Bloomber's friends, they would've put a sidewalk. The little troll mayor who has ruined N.Y.C. has no money left for sidewalks. Only for parks in Bklyn.. Nobody likes the little troll Bloomberg. He is going out as the worst and most hated mayor ever!

Mayor Mike said...

He is going out as the worst and most hated mayor ever!


I CARE what you think...NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!