Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Shocking news: illegal aliens can be really dangerous!

From AOL News:

Lost in the rhetoric about illegal immigration are new reports that Mexican drug cartels have moved into the United States, gaining a major foothold here that may be the start of a permanent expansion onto this side of the border. They're even growing marijuana in our national parks, one expert says.

Mexico's cartel families and their associates have moved into cities in the southwestern U.S. as part of their ongoing drug selling and distribution operations, according to an alert from the U.S. Justice Department's Drug Intelligence Center, first reported April 11 by Mexican media.

Roberta Jacobson, deputy secretary of state for Mexico and Canada, said on April 12 that Mexican drug cartels are now operating in 230 American cities. Drug trafficking "is not a crisis that affects only the border," Jacobson said. ""It's a crisis in our cities across the country."

The Los Angeles Times reported this week about a member of Mexico's powerful Sinaloa cartel who operated a cocaine operation in South Carolina and was sentenced to 20 years in prison. The report said there are similar rings run by cartel members living and working in Seattle, Minneapolis and Anchorage, Alaska.

The new warnings coincide with the discovery of mass graves in the state of Tamaulipas, just south of Texas, with at least 116 bodies in them earlier this week, and a discovery late Wednesday of 26 bodies in a mass grave in Durango.

The Mexican government says the Los Zetas drug cartel is responsible for the Tamaulipas murders. So far, about 35,000 people have died in the Mexican drug wars since 2006.

The cartel-related violence is spreading to the U.S., law enforcement officials say. And it all starts at the border.


-Joe said...

More Americans are murdered EACH YEAR by the hands (and cars) of Illegal aliens then on 911 and the Iraq WAR ZONE to date combined.

Mayor Mike Bloomberg is a murderer for inviting and giving these criminals sanctuary.


Anonymous said...

Prohibition doesn't work. It's just breeding criminals.

Anonymous said...

Without illegals doing all the construction work, developers would have to hire union workers, which will raise cost of doing business and cut into profits.
No way developers will allow closing of borders.

Anonymous said...

We can begin with issuing tamper proof national ID cards.

America, love it or leave it!

Anonymous said...

When Mexican cartel violence on American soil reaches epidemic proportions, even the reluctant politicians will have NO CHOICE but to clamp down on illegal aliens regardless of their being a cheap labor pool for developers.

It's coming very soon!

Anonymous said...

Follow the lead of the state of Arizona and kick illegal immigration ass!

The Texas rangers always did a great job too!

Perhaps I'll become my own New York ranger and carry my own 45 caliber justice if "the law" can't do their job!

Anonymous said...

Corona is where it's all happening.

But with the Willets Point project underway, soon the troublesome Latinos will be pushed out by Asian expansion.

That's the way "democracy" works in Queens.

You can't legally throw out Mexicans, Salvadorans, etc. but you can replace them with a race that doesn't commit wholesale street crime...like the Chinese....maybe?

Thus, "yellow" will replace "brown".

Anonymous said...

The illegals are well part of the fabric of our society where they are willing to be players in tax free shadow economies of shady businessmen.

But the more sinister part is those who are providing drugs, illegal papers, shaking families down and recruiting these folks in joining drug distributors and becoming enforcers. There is a large group of folks who are leveraging crime among their own to profit.

Enforcement !!!

Anonymous said...

The war on drugs is a joke. It's been 35 years and the U.S. government has made NO progress whatsoever.

At the rate the war on drugs will be the longest war ever fought in the United States and it is a UN-WINABLE war.

If people want to CONSCIOUSLY ingest substances, LET THEM. It's called the 9th Amendment.

The criminalization of drugs is what makes the prices of drugs so high which in turn makes criminal organizations look to profit from it and to defend there profit they use violence/murder.

Anonymous said...

Because, you know, Americans are never a danger to other people.

Queens Crapper said...

Yeah thanks for that irrelevant comment. The point is we have enough of our own miscreants to deal with without adding illegal foreign ones as well. Law enforcement is already stretched too thin, why would we welcome more of a burden on them?

Anonymous said...

the shock troops are here to destroy your neighborhood and to take your job, your apartment and your life.

Juan Hung Lo said...

You can't legally throw out Mexicans, Salvadorans, etc. but you can replace them with a race that doesn't commit wholesale street crime...like the Chinese....maybe?


Can't we all get along?

Anonymous said...

U.S Government policy: screw Americans on the mexican border and sanctuary cities. PROTECT THE MIDDLE EAST,LIBYANS,EGYPTIANS,JORDANIANS,YEMENESE,AND SYRIANS....and of course Afghanis....

Anonymous said...

Equality in enforcement - enforcement across all illegals - sent them all back home upon discovery.

Anonymous said...

If we didnt have illegal aliens, who would commit all the crimes that white people dont want to do?

Anonymous said...

Legalize and regulate marijuana, tax it like cigarettes....ends a lot of the problem

Anonymous said...

Most but not all illegals do this- you have to understand. yes, Corona may be a s#!thole right now, but not all illegals are like this.