Wednesday, April 20, 2011

That's some salary!

From the NY Post:

A top aide scrutinized in the federal pay-to-play probe that snared his boss, state Sen. Carl Kruger, is raking in a $162,442-a-year salary -- the highest of any staffer in the state Legislature, The Post has learned.

Jason Koppel, 34, the embattled Brooklyn Democrat's chief of staff and campaign manager, saw his salary rise 40 percent -- or $47,128 -- over the 16-month period ending January 2010.

The pay hikes came as the feds stepped up an investigation into Kruger that also looked at Koppel, according to sources and court documents.

Kruger even backdated the last raise three months, in essence giving Koppel a $6,700-plus bonus, records show.

That put his 2010 earnings at $169,228 -- more than double Kruger's $79,500 legislative salary.

Koppel has never been charged.


NYC News & Analysis said...

I wonder if the size of his paycheck has anything to do with the size of his .... ?

Anonymous said...

Keep on looking into state matters because Albany stinks!


Maybe that's where...uh...state senator Toby Ann Stavisky launders some of her illicit, illegal loot from Taiwanese developers.

She keeps her state salary modest looking (at least on the books).

But that HUGE Stavisky campaign war chest needs scoping by the feds!


They take in thousands but dole out peanuts to the old folks!

Something stinks there and it isn't Toby's ass!

Anonymous said...

Well from what I read into this article is that Koppell was just a bagman for Carl Kruger.
As the saying goes " if it doesn't come in out the wash it will come out in the rinse."
This story isn't over yet. I'm sure Koppell will be singing like a canary to save his own ass.

ew-3 said...

Time to use RICO Act.

Anonymous said...

It's not about being Jewish or gay, it's about cronyism.

Anonymous said...

Well, you finally censored the physiognomy remarks about this Jewish-looking individual. How come? Your conscience? A threatened lawsuit? The ADL came a-callin'?

I'm sure you'll censor as well from now on all the disparaging remarks made about Italians, Irish, Blacks, Hispanics, and Asians.

Bottom line. No guts, Crapper.

Queens Crapper said...

You think I sit here waiting to filter comments? Why don't you write to me to tell me there's a problem? Go to hell, asshole.

Anonymous said...

Well someone sure as hell "filtered", i.e. censored, 3 comments from the above. You got a helper?

Queens Crapper said...

What I was responding to was "Well, you finally censored". Yes, if I see something like that written about any group, I will remove it. Now go continue to play with yourself.

Anonymous said...

"if I see something like that written about any group, I will remove it"

Censorship, the most UN-AMERICAN thing you can possibly do.

The Cognescenti said...

I betcha Crappy didn't censor anything. Crappy is probably on vacation and someone is manning (or maybe womaning) this blog site in the interim. I have my suspicions because a few years back, someone else for about 4-5 months was doing the editing and CENSORING of posts. "His" recent ripostes don't have the same stylistic ring to them.

Queens Crapper said...

"Censorship, the most UN-AMERICAN thing you can possibly do."

The first amendment is violated when government does the censorship. And God knows I ain't the government.

You have the right to post vile, hateful speech, but I don't have to give you the forum to do it.

The Cognescenti said...

See? He IS on vacation.