Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Don't let bedbugs bite you twice!

From the Queens Gazette:

The city Department of Sanitation (DOS) inspectors have handed out more than 4,500 violations so far this year involving new rules regulating disposal of bedding within the five boroughs, DOS officials said.

Under the regulations that went into effect on January 5, all bedding, including mattresses, box springs, sofa beds, sheets, blankets, pillows are required to be wrapped in sealed plastic when left curbside for collection by DOS workers.
The new rule calls for all bedding to be wrapped whether or not it is infested with bed bugs.

A recent agency report shows that DOS inspectors have issued 4,345 violations, including 701 in Queens, to homeowners, superintendents and landlords who placed unwrapped bedding curbside for collection in the first three months of 2011. Violators get a $100 fine for ignoring the rules.


Anonymous said...

I heard about this law when it came out, and thought it just applied to mattresses. I never thought about pillows or sheets. I wonder how many people got tickets for throwing out an old pillow or a stained sheet without having any idea there was a law against it. And what exactly do they mean by "sealed" plastic. Do we all need to invest in a thermal sealing machine before we throw out old linens?

A. Bedbug said...

How do I decontaminate myself from Claire Shillman? Didn't see that coming. I need to learn how to read the names on apartment doors.


Unknown said...

So this is why I see more mattresses dumped along the cemetery.