Thursday, April 21, 2011

Marshall likes hospitals (and development)

From the Daily News:

Hopes of having the former site of St. John's Queens Hospital in Elmhurst revived as a comprehensive medical facility are flat-lining.

A developer has filed paperwork with the city Department of Buildings to convert the vacant facility into a mixed-use commercial space that features three floors of apartments and one floor for ambulatory care.

The Buildings Department rejected the company's initial proposal last week, and the owner will have to submit a corrected proposal, officials said.

Among the documents the developer must resubmit are zoning and code analyses and fire protection and materials analyses, she said.

But details are scant on what kind of medical care will be offered at what the application describes as an "ambulatory diagnostic treatment facility," proposed for the fifth floor of the former hospital.

Queens Borough President Helen Marshall said she had wanted another hospital to replace the defunct St. John's and has inquired with the company about how extensive the treatment facility would be.

"Queens is in a medical crisis. St. John's is gone and people who need emergency care don't have a place in the neighborhood that they can go to," Marshall said.

So why are you still greenlighting megadevelopment projects?


Anonymous said...

Because the morons are still electing the some people over and over again.

Just got a Carolyn Maloney invite for a fund raiser - just months after she got reelected.

They want big bucks touting all she has done for the community.

Everyone that is anyone (so they think) will be there. Not bad for someone who has done little more than dig a big hole for suburban communters and who tore down churches for big blockbusting buildings.

Anonymous said...

The developer (whomever he is) who owns this property doesn't give a damn about about the people or the communities who desperately need a hospital back in this area. All he thinks about is how much moola he'll make and how much gold he can line his pockets with. Life isn't worth a tinker's damn anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!