Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What's going on at Meyer's Hotel?

Passed by the old Meyer's Hotel (featured on this Forgotten-NY page) at 58th Street and 39th Avenue in Woodside the other day and did a double take.
The fence and lawn have been destroyed and the trees cut down. There also appear to be doors and other pieces from inside the home strewn about.
I looked up the address on the DOB website to see if permits had been issued for nefarious purposes, but there are none.
The last time I saw a sign for "Francis Albert Construction" it was hanging on the lot where Tommy Huang's negligence undermined a firehouse and killed a worker erecting a wall.


Joe said...

I seen this scene at the Gatsby house (R.I.P) as far back as 2004.
Its called the "rotten timbers" epidemic.
The owner's removed all the parquet floors, brass fixtures, doors, woodwork and assorted sell-able items.
The bastards then drill holes in the roof, break gutter downspouts, windows and leave the building open to the elements to rot a couple years till its condemned for a knock down.
This is and epidemic going on all over the North Shore to get old buildings and mansions down. The owners then get granted a subdivide of the property and flip it to crap builders for a huge profit

had been removed and we quickly learned why.
To get a demo permit they left the windows open, poked holes in the roof and let the gutter downspouts pour water around the foundation. The house stayed this way to rot away for YEARS till the greedy backstabbing township looking for tax revenue finally let him knock it down and sub-divide the property and sell it to a builder.
The owner apparently already had his plan in action
He and his son bought the house to destroy it. These 2 wiseguys are locals who have millions $$ yet are cheap and always around the town breaking local shop owners

Anonymous said...

'Francis Albert Construction' is one of the worst of the worst. Motto: "Building Laws are people who don't like to make money"

Anonymous said...

About a year ago, it was full of Mexicans starting the demolition process. Lots of garbage in the formerly pretty yard. this is what illegal aliens do best. cut down trees and destroy the quality of life for the people who were there first. that way they can clear out the neighborhood for their well planned invasion.

watch it get torn down in about say, two months. this is across the street from the LIRR overpass where illegal alien bums like to sleep and piss in the same spot, then down the block is the ever growing Mexican volley ball tournament court and bar/social club. it keeps getting bigger encroaching on LIRR property inch by inch.
next door to this old hotel is a bizarre dwelling, probably has a non profit church status. has a huge Korean symbol of some kind of bird and globe on the front of the building. it is one of three or four Korean "churches". but we all know they are fronts for business.
how can a four block radius have so many Korean churches?

What's going on at Meyer's Hotel? It's being demolished and you will see a McMansion in it's place funded by HUD for illegal alien jack pot children.

Anonymous said...

Francis Albert Construction? Didn't know Sinatra was in on this!

georgetheatheist said...

The Korean "church" that you mention next door to the old hotel was the quarters of the Woodside Hook and Ladder Company erected in 1884. It had a fire alarm bell which thank goodness has been saved and can now be seen in front of the St. Sebastian's rectory. Check out the old photos of these buildings on Crappy's Forgotten NY link at the head of this post

And speaking of that Mexican volleyball court. The house on the rise above it was recently done with pink stucco. Whazzup with this volleyball court and who sprang the dough for the building redo?

Anonymous said...

Interesting. Francis Albert Construction was the only company Tommy Huang hired and never recieved a violation with. Vera Construction was the contractor when the worker died on Queens Blvd. Francis Albert built many building for Tommy Huang with DOB commissioner Robert LiMandri's help until Tommy fired them for being too expensive. They proably just parked their truck there.