Friday, April 29, 2011

Break the rules, get a waiver

From the Daily News:

A Marine Park developer who broke building rules and left unfinished apartments on a residential block has triggered a battle with neighbors by restarting the project.

Kimball Group developers stunned Kimball St. residents by applying for a waiver on April 8 to finish the stalled six-story building even though the company ignored city orders in 2008 that said the building was too tall.

Buildings Department officials ordered the Kimball Group to remove the top floor from the building in 2008.

But the company is trying to overturn that ruling in front of the Board of Standards and Appeals later this summer.

The developers were also required to build 11 parking spaces, but want permission to provide none.

The other homes on the block are three-stories tall.

Since 2009, the developers owe the city $10,800 in fines for a broken fence around the abandoned construction site.

Buildings Department officials took the developers to criminal court to force them to downsize the building, but a judge on April 11 allowed Kimball Group officials to seek the waiver.

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Anonymous said...

This is how Developers do business in Queens. Can anyone spell "GRAFT".