Thursday, April 28, 2011

Time to change the signs


Anonymous said...

my chinese friend, property owner for years in flushing, is also fed up with his neighbors breaking all the zoning and d.o.b. regulations. as well as illegal immigration control.

he reports the violations but the city government evades them.

he is ashamed and is planning to move. he says it is a waste of time complaining to this government.

Georges said...

My Chinese neighbors say never to eat in Flushing or buy fresh cat from their stores as it is not as good as what is available in China Town.

Anonymous said...

This interviewer is so naive! No one comes to Flushing to enjoy the ambiance except perhaps a few Manhatttanites venturing out into No Man's Land for a once-only experience.

Flushing is such an incredible shithole, and its "ambiance" is spreading to Bayside and Nassau.

How about getting rid of the cheapo, multiple signs on every building and establishing a tasteful standard?

Oh well, it's never going to happen. NYC is so over.

georgetheatheist said...

"...we can agree, Flushing has some of the best DIM SUM anywhere."

We can also agree, WPIX has SOME of the DIMMEST news anchors anywhere.

johnpwatts said...
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Kevin Walsh said...

This has been going back and forth for years.

They aren't going to display large signs in English. End of story.

johnpwatts said...
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Anonymous said...

Downtown Flushing is a stench ridden overdeveoped garbage dump, thanks to the rodents on CB7, Boro pres. Marshall, Councilmembers Koo, Chin, and Halloran and Congressman Gary Ackerman. Oust the incumbents.

Jerry Rotondi said...

It might have started out as a good idea---to offer a brochure which translated some common foreign language phrases into English---in order to facilitate better understanding between a customer and merchant.

I believe it was Myra Baird Herce's Downtown Flushing Development Corporation that was pushing this Leonard Stavisky originated measure many years ago.

It wasn't particularly successful back then and would be minimally successful now.

Assemblywoman Meng and Senator Stavisky, please stop passing the buck and enforce your own state laws!

NYC should not have to pass its own law regarding the additional posting of English on all foreign signs.

This is a public safety issue.
Act now!

Anonymous said...

Evergreen optical, what the hell kind of business is that?!?! Red Hair Salon, Hyun Dae Insurance Mortgage, I don't understand!! Mihe Kim CPA, Myung Dong Beauty Salon,are these dog meat restaurants? What ARE these businesses and how are we supposed to know what they are?!?!
Apparently it's not a safety issue anymore but one of personal offense at the language and choice of another culture. After participating in a similar discussion on this blog, I paid attention to the store signs along Northern Blvd around the 150's and 160's. Most of the businesses already have some signage in English that indicate what the business is. The one business I noticed without any English was a restaurant under the LIRR that appears out of business. Funny, I still knew it was a restaurant.

Flushing signs advisory board?? Who is this clown? He perceives hostility by the people running the businesses(which is probably the case) so he thinks that mandating signs in English will make these businesses welcoming? What a tool.

Funny he doesn't complain about the Greek businesses in Astoria who also prefer to cater to their own first, and everybody else second.

If people want to keep within their own culture, fuck em, let them have it. It wouldn't be an issue except that people are jealous that this particular culture is hard working enough, and has the cohesion and perseverance to buy up all the prime real estate in the neighborhood. Perhaps if we had similar values of culture and unity we wouldn't have sold our own neighborhoods to them. Maybe THAT'S what we should be upset about.

Anonymous said...

Myung Dong Beauty Salon,are these dog meat restaurants?

You sound like a racist. Have you even tried their Cream of Sum Yung Gai soup?

georgetheatheist said...

Yup. The Greeks are just as off-putting as the Koreans. I'm not Greek and man, do I get the cold shoulder when I buy olives and feta cheese in Astoria. 'strue.

Anonymous said...

Time to sign over Flushing's deed to the Taiwanese and make it their official off shore colony.

What's the difference if you can read their f----g signs or not.


And who the hell wants to buy the same cheap souvenirs and mysterious unsanitary goods you can pay far less for in Manhattan's far more interesting Chinatown?

Flushing is just a low class dump of no significance other than it happens to be a transportation hub.

It's a destination of departure, NOT CHOICE, onward to Queens' better neighborhoods.

So, fughettaboutit and enjoy the rest of the fabulous New York City that tourists clamor to visit!

Anonymous said...

NYC will soon be SIGNING OVER the deed to Muni Lot#1 to Wellington Chen's Chinese based TDC Rockefeller Group to build their "Floo-shing Come-on" project.

Then the old YMCA building (along with their vast parking lot) on Northern Blvd. will likely go to TDC also.

Then the inv-ASIAN will be complete.

Anonymous said...

Enforce the NY State Law.

Anonymous said...

Jimmy Trikas for NY City Council!

Anonymous said...

The "colonization of Flushing" - The Stavisky Team tried to hang Julia Harrison in 1996 for using that term. Julia was so right. AND she won re-election in 1997.

Julia also tried to pass legislation in the early 90's requiring signs be in English. She later found out that a law already existed. A State law. Almost 20 years have passed since this was discovered and still no enforcement.

cherokeesista said...

Flushing is a Shit Hole no doubt ;-( Hard working people my ass ;-( I've never seen such rude filthy or arrogant people in my life ;-( The love their Whore houses that a Fact !!!!!