Saturday, April 23, 2011

You post the sign, you pay the fine

From the Daily News:

Mayor Bloomberg is angry about politicians who illegally slap their campaign signs all over town during election seasons - and fuming over their attempts to beat the fines.

"If elected officials don't follow the law, what hope is there for everybody else?" Hizzoner said yesterday. "I always thought that elected officials should have to be held to a higher standard."

Pols are barred from posting campaign signs on public property. The Sanitation Department issues $75 tickets for every sign it finds illegally posted around town.

"Everybody should obey the law," Bloomberg said, without naming names. "I think it is an outrage when some of them beat the law on technicalities."


Anonymous said...

"I think it is an outrage when some of them beat the law on technicalities."

Subtext here is: "I'm so pissed at John Liu I could shit"

The Flushing Phantom said...

So how come NYC Comptroller John Liu skipped on paying his fines?

How come his criminal family members (daddy) Joseph Liu and cousin Tommy Huang continue get let off easy?

Whyi s that?

Because "we don't want to offend the Asians".

Why...once again?

Because they won't contribute (overseas laundered?) money to the campaigns of our "leading" politicians!

Can you guess who these pols might be?


Manes? Shulman? Stavisky? Hevesi? Ackerman? (Yawn) the list is too long.

Unkosher Shrimp Bloomberg said...

"Why obey the law when I could change it and get a third term?"

Anonymous said...

"I always thought that elected officials should have to be held to a higher standard."

You thought WRONG.

Politicians, police, lawyers, judges and any governmental related position are the MOST CORRUPTED people in this nation.

SHOULD have to be held to a higher standard, but not in reality.

Kevin Walsh said...

How about changing the law to run for office when your term limits run out and calling anyone who questions it a disgrace?

Anonymous said...

this is grantandings if an operative or opponent is angry with an candididate then they can illegaly put up posters so that that the target gets fines,

the biggest problems in races is that the dem machine in queens takes down posters. the parkside operatives are hired to rip down posters. in the avella padavan race all padavan signs disappeared in the stavisky sasson race
sasson and messer signs would disappear and in the 26 assembly race duane behar and forcina signs would be stolen

Anonymous said...

beware....speaking negatively in public about John Liu, government agents will summons you.

you must keep all your tax and financial history to call their totalitarian bluff.

Anonymous said...

the dem machine in queens is one of the is the most corrupt outfits in the united states

look at tony avella. the lies stated against frank padavan was disgusting

2012 is comeing and tony will have to answer to them

Anonymous said...

I hate to say it but those campaign signs aren't nearly as bad as the sell your car and apartment for rent signs plastered on every other lightpole and telephone pole.

Anonymous said...

those are illegal too

Anonymous said...

they will continue to give jobs to the unemployed to put up these babies.
the fines are just written off at income tax time.
stop trying to control the world Crapper.

RBC said...

Politicos can stop putting up their campaign signs when the Bloomberg campaign stops robo-calling everyone to death during his campaign.