Sunday, June 27, 2010

Scam artists shut down, but only on paper

From the NY Post:

A Manhattan judge disbanded the controversial United Homeless Organization calling it a sham, but its industrious alumni are still soliciting donations on the streets.

For decades the UHO employed an army of street hustlers that collected loose in change in water jugs with the endless chant of "Help feed the homeless."

But, in actuality the entire network just lined the pockets of the solicitors of UHO founder Stephen Riley and director Myra Walker, according to a lawsuit filed last November by New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo.

Both Riley and Walker missed numerous court dates throughout the past year.

Judge Barbara R. Kapnick, finally ruled that the UHO must be disbanded and further banned Riley and Walker to ever engage in non-profit work again.

Still, numerous alumni of UHO are still on the streets doing the same scam.


Anonymous said...

Mario Cuomo set these groups up when he deinstitutionalized the schizophrenics to embarass Reagan's tax cuts

Anonymous said...

I've seen the new scam, same bums and corners as the old guys, new clear plastic boxes rather than the old water jugs.

Anonymous said...

never to open a non profit again? that's only in the state of NY!

Anonymous said...

Reagan did a fine job of throwing the mentally and physically disabled on the street besides this organizations scam.

And yes Reagan also deregulated corporate oversight which is were much of the economic problems come from today after 12 years of that crew.
Not to mention the massive deficit.