Sunday, June 27, 2010

Billionaires want 12 million undocumented to be legalized

From NBC 4:

Seeking to reframe immigration reform as a solution to stimulating the economy, Mayor Bloomberg and the CEOs of several major corporations are pushing for a path to legal status for all undocumented immigrants in the US.

The group announced it will lobby to overhaul immigration laws that keep some of the most brilliant international minds from contributing to US businesses. The new coalition, dubbed "Partnership for a New American Economy" was announced by Bloomberg and News Corporation CEO Rupert Murdoch, the Australian media mogul who became a naturalized U.S. citizen, this morning.

"If you want to solve the unemployment problem in America, you have to open the door to immigrants who will come here and create businesses. When the tide comes in, everybody’s boat rises and we need more immigrants, not less," Bloomberg said Thursday morning as he stood in Manhattan's largest original retail outlet, Forever 21 in Times Square, developed by immigrants..

Bloomberg says too many technology companies in particular are having trouble recruiting the best and brightest workers because getting a visa is too difficult. He often complains that the brightest students from around the world come to NYC to study, only to return to work in other countries because they can't get green cards.

On the lower end of the economic ladder, the coalition will press for citizenship for the millions of undocumented people who could become taxpaying employees working in hotel, domestic and agricultural jobs that American workers are less likely to take.

The Mayor's high profile focus on the national immigration issue will undoubtedly resurrect speculation that he's exploring a run for president.


Anonymous said...

He should eat shit and die!!!!!!

georgetheatheist said...

What's with his phallic imagery liking Nathan's Hot Dogs?

FlooshingRezident said...

Glad he's worried about America not having access to the finest foreign minds. Excuse me but how about the finest domestic minds that are out of work?!!!!

It's so insulting when clueless exploiters, Bill Gates included, imply that foreigners are smarter and better educated than their American peers. Did MIT just shut its doors? No more h1-B visas!

Anonymous said...

if you have been unemployed over 18 months,and your career plan has been destroyed for the future ?

let it all hang out on Q.C.

Anonymous said...

You mean the illegal nannies you can hire in front of St Lukes, complete with St Francis Flu?

Anonymous said...

Aren't you conceding that they currently are "illegal" by using the word "legalized"?

1. Make that 26 million for the un-undocumented.

2. The families of these new citizens will vacuum up another 50 million in 10 years.

3. A nativist's nightmare: a majority of "Americans" who were not born in the United States and for whom Spanish is the first language they spoke and perhaps the only language they speak.

Anonymous said...


linda said...

wow what does a hot dog have to do with anything? first! the 12 million need to go home and apply the proper way. why should they get a free pass while others who applied the proper way are still waiting. the billionaires can start by cleaning they're own homes and watching they're children, if they don't want to hire AMERICANS! It's amazing how they're breaking the laws too. Fine any companies or billionaires who hire illegals.. time to take back our country!