Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Gruesome murder in Flushing

From the Daily News:

A young mother and her two dogs were found dead in her gas-filled Queens apartment Wednesday - and her attacker was on the loose after crashing his Mercedes into Flushing Bay, cops said.

Claudia Montoya's killer, who slashed her throat then turned on her gas stove, fled the gruesome murder scene in Flushing in a panic, smashing into two fences, a brick wall and trash cans before making what cops believe was a dramatic bid to fake his suicide.

Following a short drive into neighboring College Point, the killer floored the black Mercedes SUV down 28th Ave. - a straight road that dead-ends before a bluff leading down to the bay.

The SUV skirted a guardrail on the wrong side of the road and hurtled over a small hill before splitting a pair of trees and going airborne - eventually splash-landing into the shallows, partially submerging the luxury ride.

Cops searched the water and shoreline for the killer, but found nothing. They eventually traced the SUV's license plate back to the Murray Lane apartment where Montoya, 31, was found slain, police sources said.

Neighbors called 911 around 7:50 a.m. Wednesday after becoming alarmed by a powerful odor of gas emanating from the apartment.

Cops found Montoya's body along with those of two blood-splattered dogs, which appear to have been overcome by the gas.

Montoya's throat had been slashed, but she was also stabbed numerous times in the torso, cops said. The Medical Examiner will perform an autopsy Thursday to determine if the gas played a role in her death, a spokeswoman said.


Joe said...

Thats your multicultualism at work
What a disghusting animal, i think this is a crime of passion not a robbery.

I guessing the woman was knocked up by another man so her boyfriend killed her.
The cops will find him in route to the Mexican border

Anonymous said...

Murray Lane and 35th Avenue has a crime scene van in front of it. I think that's where the murderer or murdered live.

When the first body drops, you know the summer has OFFICIALLY begun.

Anonymous said...

First of all she was not nocked up by someone else; We will all dearly miss her she was a great friend and who ever did this will not be free of consequences, be it by getting arrested or living with himself! Claudia we will miss you forever! See you in heaven my friend!

Anonymous said...

true... she was not knocked up.. my family and i know her well.. God bless your baby claudia... te queremos mucho

Anonymous said...

People please be mindful of what u post... this person was a mother, daughter, sister and a great friend and stupid comments are unnecessary... please have a little respect!!! we love u Claudia you will be missed!!!

Anonymous said...

What a horrible thing to happen to anyone, anywhere.

Anonymous said...

I live a few doors down and I have seen the woman , the baby and the father of the child . They are nice people like anyone of us. I think that was one of the most awful things one human being can do to another . My deepest sympathies goes out to her child , boyfriend and family . May she rest in peace.

Anonymous said...

Someone should look into investigating the father of the child!!! Money is the root of all evil!!! Sounds like there's more to the story....RIP Claudia