Friday, June 25, 2010

Suzuki held without bail

From Crains:

Landlord Sam Suzuki turned himself in to the Bronx County Sheriff's Office and was transported to the Manhattan Detention Complex on White Street Thursday afternoon.

Last week, Mr. Suzuki was ordered to jail for civil contempt by the Bronx Housing Court for failing to make necessary repairs at a 49-unit apartment building he owns in the borough. The five-story building, located at 1585 E. 172nd St., has 691 open violations. Apartments in the building have collapsing ceilings, buckled floors and walls shedding lead paint. According to the court, “said incarceration shall continue until respondents comply with the July 20, 2009 Order or upon further order of the Court.”

According to a city spokesman, the Appellate Division did not issue the stay that Mr. Suzuki's attorney, Alice Belmonte, had filed for, so he surrendered himself. Ms. Belmonte could not be reached for immediate comment. Mr. Suzuki is currently held in the downtown Manhattan facility once known as the Tombs with no bail, according to a NYC Correction Department spokesman.


Anonymous said...

Yeah - hope he rots in there - cellmates should be rats

Anonymous said...


He took money from Suzuki!