Tuesday, June 22, 2010

M subway line deemed filthiest in city

From the Daily News:

Subway schmutz is on the rise, thanks to a budget that cut cleaners who sweep and mop train interiors, a new report says.

Only half of the subway cars rated last fall by the Straphangers Campaign were deemed clean, down from 57% the year before.

Eleven of the 22 lines got dirtier, according to the Straphangers survey due out today.

The filthiest line in the latest survey is the M, with only 32% of the line's cars deemed clean. Riders on the C and 6 lines are least likely to encounter sticky blotches or widespread grime.

On both routes, 65% of the cars were judged clean.

The report also found:

- There were 11 lines where conditions significantly deteriorated: 1, 4, 5, 7, B, D, F, G, J, M and V.

- Five lines showed significantly improved conditions: 6, C, N, Q and R.

- Six lines saw no change: 2, 3, A, E, L and W.

NYC Transit does its own annual review - with drastically different findings. It determined 95% of the fleet to be clean during the second half of last year, according to the Straphangers.

The two surveys use similar but not identical methodology, according to the watchdog group.

NYC Transit conducts its reviews on weekends, while the Straphangers spot-checks the system on weekdays.

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Anonymous said...

Somehow the R is cleaner but its true.
Im sure it wont last long.

Anonymous said...

Guess the people who use it should pick up after themselves, or not make a mess to begin with, right?

Joe said...

I was in Ridgewood and stopped by around the Fresh Bond El to visit an old friend.

Whats the deal with all those guys in their 20's with the beards, funny eyeglasses, sandals and tank top underwear ?
They look like bums from Lancaster PA or something.
One had a Ramones button, Johnny Ramone (R.I.P John) would be appalled.

WTF is with these idiots ?
There are even more of them down by Knickerbocker Park

Anonymous said...

The real joke is that as the M line goes from being just a fringe line that skirts manhattan for only a moment to one that goes right up the heart of mid-town then down the most populated corridor in the borough (queens blvd), it will still ONLY have 10 minute separation of trains AT RUSH HOUR. What a joke. You are asking to increase the burden on the line but not send more trains.

In addition it will STILL be forced into shuttle only on the weekends to Myrtle-B'way. So to get to the same stop (say 34th street), you now have 3 trains to take instead of just one. You actually have to get off an Orange train, take a brown train, then hop back on an orange train on the weekends.

Pitiful. Undeserved once again.

Anonymous said...

WTF is with these idiots ?
There are even more of them down by Knickerbocker Park
Sounds like hipsters to me. They are basically human food storage for the savages.