Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Taking out the garbage in Jamaica

From NY1:

A garbage-loaded truck that had been stinking up a Queens neighborhood has been removed.

Neighbors in Jamaica say the tractor trailer had been sitting on their street for more than three weeks and began to smell more than a week ago.

The block the truck is parked on has alternate side of the street parking rules and neighbors say they called 311, 911 and the local police precinct but were getting a runaround.

After NY1's story aired, neighbors say the truck was removed and the fire department has cleaned up the remaining garbage.

Neighbors also say the New York City Police Department issued summonses for other illegally parked trucks on the block.


Anonymous said...

The city needs cash. They should tow these trucks and charge the owner an arm and a leg to recover it or auction it off and make a real killing.

Anonymous said...

These garbage tractor trailers and other large scale transport vehicules have found free parking on 57th Ave between 80th Street and 78 Ave. They are typically parked overnight on week days and the entire weekend and are parked directly in front of the under construction (we think) oof Tank park. So it appears that the vehicules are part of the construction. When you walk by these vehicules there are people sleeping in the cabs during the week and there are covered garbage trailers that smell really ripe. To combat this, parking signs should prohibit commercial vehicule parking and parking there between 9pm and 6am. These vehicules get a free ride parking there to the detriment of the area.

Anonymous said...

Existing laws already restrict commercial vehicle parking to 3 hours maximum and prohibit overnight parking of commercial vehicles. Signs are not needed, just proper enforcement.