Friday, June 25, 2010

Hello orange M, goodbye V & W!

From AM-NY:

Get ready for the M dash.

For Queens riders, the new M train hitting the system Monday will be two cars shorter than the old V route, meaning that straphangers could find themselves running 120 feet to catch the shorter train.

“It’s going to cause more congestion,” said Sally Skinner, 40, a V train rider from Cambria Heights.

The M train — which will replace the V route in Manhattan and Queens but still run to Middle Village — will seat 300 fewer passengers than the V during rush hour, but will still fall within agency guidelines.

The V and W trains are to make their final runs Friday night and are part of the cost-cutting measures the MTA is taking to bridge an $800 million budget shortfall. In addition, 37 bus routes will be eliminated come Sunday.

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