Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Can Bob Turner upset Weiner?

From the National Review:

[Bob] Turner is convinced that this zeal — stirred in him by Weiner — is shared in the Ninth District of New York (and around the country). Brooklyn and Queens may not seem like prime tea-party territory, but they’re living in the same country, feeling the same economic and other frustrations the most pro-Palin tea partier is feeling. The watchword of Turner’s campaign: “grassroots.” He’s got outdoor advertising and mailings planned, but he insists that the core of the campaign is going to be getting a “buzz” started at kitchen tables around the district with phone calls, knocking on doors, and new media.

He realizes that this is a David-and-Goliath battle, though. He jokes that once Weiner realizes people are on to him, the congressman will have Barbra Streisand serenading his constituents as his Hail Mary pass.


Anonymous said...

Yes this is tea party country and there is a very deep anger among folks who are middle class home owners who have become unemployed and watching their saving evaporate while everyone around them seems to benefit except them. Taxes are rising, services cut and illegal folks stealing services with impunity and jamming into illegally converted housing that does not meet code standards for safety while POLs look the other way.

Anonymous said...

Weiner already has a Republican opponent, Joe Hayon of Brooklyn. This ea Party hack is dividing the conservative ticket.

Anonymous said...

A guy who lives in his little ultra-private gated community spouting off while the rest of us live out here in the real world ain't my cup of tea.

Anonymous said...

Good luck.

Your supporters will cut their little private deals with the machine and the media will ignore you.

A Better NYC said...

To anonymous #3...

Who cares if the candidate lives in a "little ultra-private gated community"....apparently he gives enough of a damn to try and fix a really broken system that's screwing a lot of us.

Don't forget, Weiner lives in Forest Hills Gardens...that's a semi-private community too.

I hardly say this guy is "spouting off"...he's actually trying to make a real difference by getting involved.

Anonymous said...

I hardly say this guy is "spouting off"...he's actually trying to make a real difference by getting involved.

"Making a real differnce" might make sense in Brooklyn or Manhattan but in Queens it will just give people an excuse to throw rocks at you.

Anonymous said...

If he isn't just spouting off he would have been out working at trying to fix things long before now. I have no problem with new faces but I do have one with the people who sit on the sidelines for years then pop up to say they are the "better way."

A Better NYC said...

Sitting on the sidelines for years....are you crazy?

He's had a real-life job, working to support a family for the past 40years.

I hardly say he's just been sitting around.

This guy has said he's not a professional politician. He's hopefully going to bring real life experience to the position.

If anything Weiner has been "sitting around" watching our beloved city turn to crap.

Anonymous said...

There are people who hold down full time jobs, raise their families, and make the time to be active participants in the many aspects of civic life of this borough. Within that pool of people are many non-pols who I would not have any problem with if they chose to run for any office. This guy has not been out there where people can get a read on what he'll do based upon what he's done not what he spouts about being unhappy with.

A Better NYC said...

Let's attend one of his speaking engagements to see what he's all about.

They're listed on his website.

Anonymous said...

bob turner has earned the right to try to represent his congressional district. he has observed a n.y.s. one party system almost spend the citizens of n.y. into possible bankruptcy.

his city is overrun with about 1.5.million illegal aliens from our southern borders and the far east countries.this "sanctuary city" is closing local hospitals and overcrowding the public schools with so-called "anchor babies",the offspring of illegal aliens.

the federal courts are being staffed by judges who were appointed and confirmed by progressive left leaning presidents and senators. the Constitution of the U.S. will be destroyed by the "social justice" agenda of these activist judges.

Turner ,like many of us U.S.citizens ,has seen that the sixty's and seventy"s radical left wingers have control of our federal government at this time.

he will gain many supporters if his agenda is truly pro-American,cut spending,lower taxes and lower our debt.

schumer and weiner showed their disrespect for our war dead by marching in the Little Neck,Queens Memorial Day parade, with a team holding their names on placards. SHAME ON THEM.

let us hope that permanent damage has not been done by the progressives.


Anonymous said...

Whiner must go.

Unknown said...

What actually Weiner was able to do for his voters?
He Voted "to increase HB1 Visa for fashion models"!
That is the thing we voted for him?
Enough is enough, he is not mature
for congressional work.