Thursday, June 24, 2010

He doesn't like Eich

From the Historic Districts Council Newsstand:

...I doubt we will hear anything from our new borough historian about the importance of protecting the 1850s Ridgewood Reservoir, arguably the most important undesignated place in Queens today. I expect he could lead a tour along the terminal moraine through Forest Park to the reservoir, but I cannot imagine him speaking against the Parks Department plan to install playing fields covered with artificial turf where there is now a thriving wetland. It seems it would be enough to point out that where the playing fields are was once Brooklyn’s water system. Oh well.

Mr. Eichenbaum makes clear he will not work to save “just every old building.” We ought to ask, will he fight to save ANY old building? I for one do not think it is enough to point out the site where St. Savior’s used to be, or where the Aquacade once stood, or where Flessel’s once was. In this regard, Borough President Helen Marshall seems to be more in tune with the temper of her constituents. As she told the Daily News, when people see the history in their own neighborhoods, “they don’t want it to be destroyed.” That was the genesis of walking tours, actually, to bring greater awareness of the historic resources around us and feed the movement to preserve them. They were not born to foster antiquarianism.


Anonymous said...

Jeff, you did not get it because of stunts like the Queensboro Preservation League.

We could have been a decade ahead in presvervation in Queens if you had not pulled the rug out from under everyone's feet just because you had to do more than pontificate - which is something you seem to do well - and little else.

Anonymous said...

As much as I've disagreed with Mr. Kroessler on issues in the past, this time he is right on the money.

JO said...

more fear mongering from politicians. Everyone's a politician lately. Even for an unpaid position. That soundbyte is being blown out of proportion.

Dr. Jeff is an author. How many people have read one of his books in the past decade? Jack brings history to life.

Queens Crapper said...

Jack brings history to life? That's nice. If it's all torn down then how does he do that?

I would rather read works by an historian than take a walking tour led by someone who doesn't even have his facts straight most of the time.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Kroessler has always been a 2nd rate "preservationist"...a hot air bubble in a ocean of heavy hitters.

Nina Rappaport was the gas behind the formerly impressive old Queensborough Preservation League.

Mr. Kroessler (without his PHD at the time) merely rode her coat tails.

C'mon Dr. Jeff...stop with the sour grapes.

The only point I agree upon is that Dr. Jack-off is a total hack!

But then...the position of borough historian in Queens is a laughing stock and requires little more than warming a bench.

It really doesn't matter who parks their ass in that spot because our borough will continue to be raped until it loses what's left of its potential landmarks.

Oh...and thanks to QHS for their complicity in the crime by not having the fire in their belly to rail against all of the destruction.

I guess if QHS took a real stand they'd get their funding from borough hall cut off.

Maybe you can't blame them for playing it safe...but then for what purpose do they exist?

Stop coveting this meaningless post Dr. Jeff?

a former QHS trustee. said...

Dr. Eichenbaum's walking tours are full of incorrect info.

I gave up after attending two of them.

Anonymous said...

Somebody ought to bring that whiner back to life.

DR. E.
is still acting like a nostalgia peddling mamma's boy (at age 68?).

Anonymous said...

I guess if QHS took a real stand they'd get their funding from borough hall cut off.

naw, their allies would be bought off with ice cream money.

everyone is ready to push their piss ass little agenda to the detriment of the bigger picture - which of course means that nothing gets done.

Anonymous said...

Well, Jeff, what program DO you have in Queens?

As poor and tired as Jack's is, as least he is trying.

Anonymous said... this photo he looks like he's ready to do locker room tours of the YMCAs or the kiddie pools.

Anonymous said...

At least he's trying?
Trying to do drum up business for his lackluster walking tours?

But he'll likely make a great burro historian...that pompous Jack-ass!

Anonymous said...

Now maybe Dr. Jeff will finally concede that nobody wants him....least of all within the ranks of the REAL preservation movement.

Anonymous said...

Ah...both Jeff & Jack are panty-waists so what's the difference who's the borough historian?

Queens will never become a preservation borough because all of its "leaders" in that field are really followers...sheep that ba-a-a-a-h on cue...when Boro Prez Marshal commands them to do so.