Saturday, June 19, 2010

Jamaica Bay ready for its comeback

From CBS 2:

Jamaica Bay is a popular boating and fishing area, but it's been plagued by pollution in recent years. Now a new plan is being implemented to improve the water quality.

High nitrogen levels cause massive algae blooms which lower the amount of oxygen in the water and make it dangerous for aquatic life. After six months of negotiations, the city, state, and four environmental groups agreed to a 10 year plan to improve water quality. The first step is rigorous water testing.

At 20 different sites around Jamaica Bay, scientists will take samples to test the water's clarity and to test the levels of things like oxygen, chlorophyll and bacteria.

New data is already showing improvement because interim changes at the nearby four wastewater treatment plans has reduced the amount of nitrogen being released into Jamaica Bay by nearly 10 percent. Eventually, the nitrogen release will be cut in half when upgrades are made at those facilities.

The total plan to improve water quality in Jamaica Bay will cost the city $115 million by the time it's complete in 2020.

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Anonymous said...

Not a large amount to supposedly clean it up. Is this largely from pesticide run off as happens elsewhere creating high nitrogen levels.

Surprised there was no other comments.