Wednesday, June 30, 2010

More about murder victim Yu Yao

From the Dominion:

NY 1-TV reported that 23-year-old Yu Yao from China was raped and killed in a Queens alley last month. She was a catechumen preparing for baptism at St. George’s, Flushing. The Rev. Dr. Paul Xie presided at her funeral. NY 1 said, “The sound of a mother’s pain filled” the service. “You didn’t have to understand the mostly Mandarin ceremony to understand her sorrow. The daughter moved to the U.S. from China to follow her dream and study to be a lawyer.” Fr. Xie (pronounced “shay”) said Ms. Yu first came to the church on Easter Sunday, invited there by a relative who was baptized at St. George’s four years ago.


Anonymous said...

May God rest her soul in heaven.

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Anonymous said...

was the perp an illegal alien?

the Arizona immigration law goes into effect July 1,2010.
obama has filed suit to declare the state law unconstitutional,even though it is a carbon copy of the federal immigration law.

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Anonymous said...
was the perp an illegal alien?

We've all been asking the same question:( All of the info on Yu Yao was released but I guess the powers that be want to keep it Hush Hush:( THAT SON OF A WHORE IS MOST LIKELY ILLEGAL!!! AND I PRAY TO GOD KARMA HAS ALOT OF FUN WITH HIM!!! Yu Yao came here legally she had an AMERICAN DREAM:) and that piece of shit stole it from her:( Yu Yao I know shes an Angel:) I'll never forget her:) R.I.P. Beautiful One