Saturday, June 19, 2010

Jake is on the mend

From the Daily News:

[Phyllis] Taiano, who runs the nonprofit rescue group Four Paws Sake, pulled Jake from the Manhattan NYC Animal Care & Control shelter after reading an urgent e-mail plea to help the ailing dog sent by heartbroken shelter workers.

The 4-year-old pooch spent the week recovering at the Lefferts Animal Hospital in Jamaica, Queens, where owner and veterinarian David Halpern treated him for mange and bacterial infections.

"This is definitely a case of neglect," said Halpern, who believes Jake's skin may have been scorched by chemicals.

Once he's well enough to get back on his feet, Jake will need a foster home with someone willing to administer topical medications and gobs of TLC. The affectionate dog will eventually need a forever home.

Sadly, Jake is hardly the first dog to be neglected and abandoned, both acts of animal cruelty that are against state law, but on the rise.

This year, Taiano's Middle Village-based group, which is run by a dozen volunteers, has already rescued and placed 36 dogs, most of which were abused, neglected or required medical care.


cherokeesista said...

Awe:) God Bless Jake:) I pray he gets the most Amazing home and the Love and Snuggles that he deserves:)

georgetheatheist said...

Awwwww. Eeeeeee. Oooooo.

The Parade of the Animal Lovers.

georgetheatheist said...

And Crapper, what's with the ads now?

Anonymous said...

@ George the athiest, that was your dog wasn't it? At least it has a human home now...

Anonymous said...

Btw, im not a tree hugging animal loving psychopath but i do appreciate a feel good story which is what this is. No need to tear down a genuine comment... lets not bring politics into a non political story.

Anonymous said...

georgetheatheist: Do society a favor and do not reproduce!

Anonymous said...

glad to see Jake doing well
nice work on this story crapper

go jake!

Anonymous said...

Theres needs to be action to shut down the puppy mills that are a major source of abuse and dogs ending up in shelters.
Most of those puppy mills are on Long Island.

The chain store Petland Discounts is connected to those mills too.

CJ said...

George, if you have no respect for animals, you probably have little or no respect for your fellow man as well. I’m glad to hear that this pooch is finally getting some love and attention.

Queens Crapper said...

George, the ad problem has been addressed.

georgetheatheist said...

I had a cat a few years ago. He showed up at my back window and I let him in and kept him for a few years. He was a good companion. He loved chasing the ball through the living room, and playing with my sneaker shoelace around the door jamb. He got sick after awhile and I took him to the vet who gave him a shot to "put him to sleep". That cost me $30. I didn't stone him to death or drown him in a garbage pail of water. I took the cat home in a box which read " I [heart] my pet. I buried the cat in the back yard. In the middle of the place where I grow my tomatoes. I shot 10 rolls of film showing this make-shift "funeral". Some hand held; those of me with a tripod using the camera's self-timer. I even have pictures of myself hovering over the hole in the garden. The cat is lying down in his grave with flower petals strewn about his body. You can see tears streaming down my face in the photos.

You all really don't know me.

Anonymous said...

you're right we dont know you. we just know what we see and comments like this seem pretty obvious on how you truly feel about animals whether you had one or not.

"Awwwww. Eeeeeee. Oooooo.
The Parade of the Animal Lovers."

Many people counter the racist card by saying that they have one black friend. Saying comments like that just make them seem even more ignorant. Its the same thing with the story you just put up. Not trying to sound harsh but reading other comments of yours its really hard to tell whether this is a sincere story or just vague morbit sarcasm so maybe it speaks more to the person you seem to be rather than us jusging you wrongly.

georgetheatheist said...

Read it.

"Awwwww. Eeeeeee. Oooooo."

Sound it out. It's Ok to even use your fingers. It is a neutral statement of what animal lovers say when they read stories like this. It tugs at their heartstrings. I am objectively reporting this phenomenon.

[I really gotta get outta here. Hmmnn. If I walk backwards slowly maybe they'll think I'm entering when I'm actually leaving. Slowly along the wall to the exit sign in the back of the room. If everybody chants, "Awwwww. Eeeeeee. Ooooooo", maybe they won't hear me as I slip out of the room.]

The Kingfish said...

The Kingfish: Oh,Andy, Andy! What did I do wid muh hat?

Andy: Why Kingfish. It's on top of yer haid. Yer friend George, that atheist fella, put it dere.