Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Combating Literacy, One Misteak at a Time

Normandeau Newswire

Normandeau Newswire – Queensbridge Houses is the largest public housing project in North America.

A diversity of educational levels and accomplishments are to be found.

Recently, a Queensbridge houses tenant who had not even finished high school, was flabbergasted when he saw a collection of “education aid” signs in Queensbridge's Jacob Riis Community Center that had grammatical errors.

That same tenant was shocked over the weekend to find that the Queensbridge Community had now misspelled the name “Queensbridge” on a very large banner approximately twenty feet wide by three feet high.

There it hangs, that big banner, on the front of Queensbridge's Jacob Riis Community Center on 41st Avenue, between 10th Street and 12th Street in Long island City.

Surely, this final blow to education can only reinforce the thought amongst Queensbridge children that the best way to combat literacy in the projects is just to keep plugging along, creating one “misteak” at a time.


Tribuine Mike said...

That mistake would never be found in the Queens Triubne!

Anonymous said...

Get the Queens Teacher (aka Primadonna & Italian Girl) to proofread.

Anonymous said...

You either slingin' crack rock or you got a wicked jump shot.

Anonymous said...

We need to place these people in behavioral and thought modification camps. A sizable of them have no father and are easily drawn to numerous vices at a early age. The city should spend its money on some psychological reform program "brainwashing" to correct the problem once and for all. The social dynamics of these communities do not give them an easy path to success, rather they are forced to conform in order to survive.

Any attempt at reforming at least one of these communities would be a step forward in preventing an ongoing cycle that will not end without intervention.

Anonymous said...

There is a very good way of reforming these communities. It is called money and lots of it.

Every immigrant group had its depraved criminals and every generation saw the depravity and viciousness disappear as family moved up the social ladder.

You really want to see an end to black on black crime and fatherless children? Get those factories chugging along.

So long as we expect men to form families and act as respectable heads of households on jobs pushing a mop in Mickey D's we will fail.

Work at decent wages is the key to it all, not welfare and not chump change jobs.

georgetheatheist said...

How much does a 20' x 3' banner cost? Hey Ray Normandeau, can they get their money back or at least have the sign-maker give them a freebie re-do?

webmaster of said...

Today Wednesday the sign has been pasted over with letters in correct order.

A. Teahcer! said...


Anonymous said...

Fact :Ron Artest cannot read.

Anonymous said...

Mistake vs. misteak: that was intentional, I hope?

Anonymous said...

The larger the lettering, the more likely the mistake passes unnoticed. I don't know what this is so, but when I worked in publishing, all the boo-boos were set in 72 point type.

Anonymous said...

Mistake vs. misteak: that was intentional, I hope?

D U H ! ! !

Jim Carrey said...

A diversity of educational levels and accomplishments are to be found.

What are those educational levels?

Dumb and dumber?

Anonymous said...

the printer of the banner in this instance is at fault.

the athlete being honored is a multi-millionaire local resident who developed a skill in basketball. it is time consuming and very competitive in the n.y.c. area. this athlete ,sometimes controversial,did it his way. i believe he went to Christ The King H.S,St.John's university and now plays in the N.B.A.

many young men use sports to gain an edge in our society. try to understand their path to success.

former B/B obsessive jumpshooter,100 lbs ago.,who remembers when C.C.N.Y. and L.I.U. were nationally ranked. Rockaway Beach at 108 st. was our "summer camp" then.