Friday, June 25, 2010

And now, the rest of the story...

From the Times Ledger:

Police said a dog walker stabbed a 31-year-old woman to death inside her Flushing home Thursday, crashed a car into Flushing Bay and then killed himself several hours later by lying down on the tracks of the No. 7 line at the Hunters Point stop.

Claudia Montoya, 31, was found dead with multiple stab wounds on Murray Avenue in Flushing after police responded to a 911 call about a foul odor coming from the house, a spokesman for the Police Department said. When they arrived, the woman’s body was in the bathtub, he said.

Police said Montoya was killed by her dog walker, whom they did not identify. After the slaying, the murderer turned on the gas in the house, which killed one of her two Yorkies. The other was carried out by an animal-rescue squad, the New York Post reported.

Police said the dog walker sped off in a Mercedes and headed for College Point, where he drove off a bluff into Flushing Bay near 20th Avenue. No one was inside the vehicle when authorities arrived on the scene.

Police said hours later the man somehow reached the Hunters Point station stop and lay down in front of the No. 7 train.


Lino said...

"Police said hours later the man somehow reached the Hunters Point station stop and lay down in front of the No. 7 train."

That station is probably one of the best to do that sort of thing in. Train enters from a steep curve -motorman can't see 'till it's too late and the platforms and mezzanine are usually empty.

What a nightmare for the motorman though.

Anonymous said...

Train enters from a steep curve outside into a're right perfect suicide point

Anonymous said...

It goes in pretty slowly though. Wouldn't they have enough time to stop the train at a low rate of speed regardless of the steep turn?

Anonymous said...

I have a friedn who is a medic for FDNY. This happens more often than you would think.

The worst is when someone gets pinned between the train and the platform. They can stay a live for a long time, because the pressure acts like a tourniquet. However, there is nothing they can do for them, aside from some meds for the pain. Once they move the train, the pressure comes off, and death is quick.