Friday, June 25, 2010

Vallone comes to Marty's rescue

From the Daily News:

City officials are scrambling to change a law that could have halted free shows by performers like the Beach Boys and Neil Sedaka in Brooklyn.

Opponents sued to stop the concerts - held since 1991 in Asser Levy Park - charging they violate a law that bans amplified sound within 500 feet of houses of worship.

It's part of their battle to stop Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz's planned $64 million amphitheater in the park.

Two synagogues across the street from the park complain noise from the concert hall would drown out their services.

But a new bill introduced in the City Council at Mayor Bloomberg's request would temporarily carve out an exception to the rule for band shells, amphitheaters and stadiums if they keep the noise under a certain level.

The new rules would stay in effect for 90 days while the city irons out permanent changes - just long enough for Markowitz' Seaside Summer Concert Series.

"Clearly, the events in Brooklyn show that [the rule] may need to be tweaked. There are concerts all over the city that may now be in danger because of this lawsuit," said Councilman Petee Vallone Jr. (D-Astoria), the bill's sponsor.

Actually, no there's not. Just concerts where no one followed the rules for permits.

Opponents blasted the move. "It's a clear end run around the existing law," said Norman Siegel, the plaintiffs' lawyer. "It's disappointing that rather than comply, the city is trying to change the law."

Hey Norm, if you don't like the laws as written, don't follow them - make new ones! That's the Bloomberg way. Notice how three 3rd termers are involved in these shenanigans.

Some of Vallone's constituents are calling for his impeachment. Heh.


Anonymous said...

vallone, marty markowitz, Bloomberg, Quinn, the major players in overturning term limits against the people's will.

georgetheatheist said...

There should be a law against the disruption of secular activity by religious adherents.

Anonymous said...

Has anybody read today's Daily News ? Page 2.. FBI investigating Carl Kruger.. This is BP Marty Markowitz friend & colleague. I really hope & pray ( when I get to Shule tonight) that the tentacles of this investigation have far reaching effects..To the follwing BUMS... Recchia, Brook-Krasny ,
Marty Markowitz, Nelson.

They don't follow the laws if they are losing the fight...they get around it & change the laws to suit them.

Land of the Free & Home of the Brave.

Anonymous said...

( when I get to Shule tonight) ....
Why don't you pray for your Hymies to pay their ECB fines, & stop the illegal construction ?

Helen said...

Taxpayers can't afford to pay 64 million dollars for "free" concerts.

Joe said...

This isnt about a 64 million dollar venue right now, its about 2 synagogue wanting to boss around whole neighborhood and make up storys.

Let me get this right:
The synagogues can have bells ringing, blowing and horns all day long yet the public cant have a 1 hour family music concerts in a public park once a week ?

BTW: The stage where any amplifiers would be are over 900 feet away.
The sound lever at 900 feet would be around 65-70dB outside the windows.
Thats less the many busses passing synagogue all day long.
Why dont those old farts living in the stone age ban busses or just move to Florida

Anonymous said...

Anyway you spice it or slice's the same old Valloney-baloney!

And we here that little Petee's "Peter" is about the size of a cocktail frank.

Anonymous said...

To Joe & the anon anti-semite :

As usual you Palookas don't know what you are talking about. You probably live in Vallones hole hell of a district.

Why don't you call Marty & tell him you want this Amphithater built in your hood . You can get all of the drek like you to kiss Marty's ass.