Thursday, June 24, 2010

LIC lot is still a dump

Hi, Queens Crapper!

This property is still here and still a dump - 45-64 Pearson Street, Long Island City. The DOB was notified. The developer received more violations, but still doesn't care. There are $21,000 in default violations and 4 more coming up in a hearing. The DOB keeps giving these animals chances. Look at the notes the DOB has posted on their site - it's all crap. These guys are taking advantage of a neighborhood they don't live in and don't respect. They have a big violation for illegal zoning. It should be used for residential use not a dump, a storage area or parking, but the city allows it. It is still a haven for rats and other vermin. They have a hearing in July. I know they won't show up. They won't pay the city and this eyesore/dump won't be gone. This city loves to ticket and tow parking scofflaws, but when it comes to these developers they let them get away with everything. The DOB is a joke and this city is a joke.

The Concerned Long Island City Native


Anonymous said...

Another piece of crap by Scarano.

Anonymous said...

Another piece of crap by City Planning.

Anonymous said...

Another piece of crap owned by Hymie.