Thursday, June 24, 2010

Jake is now in a foster home

To all Jake fans and supporters!

I had to share these latest photos of Jake at his foster home in Long Island, he's in a tranquil setting recovering. Here's Jake in the backyard...enjoying the nice weather, and getting some fresh air. We have to keep the cone on, as the first thing he does is go to scratch his ears when you take it off.

Jake appears to be housebroken, and has had some sort of obedience training in his past...someone did take interest in this boy, we just don't know why he ended up in such poor condition :(

Jake knows to "sit" when you offer him a cookie, he knows "stay" and "hold it". He's happy to be around other dogs too!

He's extremely affectionate, offering kisses and nudging for affection.



georgetheatheist said...

Awwwwww. Ooooooo. Eeeeeee!!!!

Hooray for Jake!!! I love Jake!!! I'm a Jake fan!!!

FlooshingRezident said...

Nice coverage Crappy! So NYC is not all crap, all the time:)

Animal lovers are the best!

Thanks again for some good news!

georgetheatheist said...

And that's a real nifty cone too. Do they come in colors? I'd like to get one for my head as well.

Anonymous said...

SOOOO HAPPY to hear this. What an adorable dog he is - look at those eyes!!! Thanks Crappy - you made my day.

A Better NYC said...

Unbelieveable how we treat dogs better then people.

I hate "dog people".

Anonymous said...

Unbelieveable how we treat dogs better then people.

I hate "dog people".

aren't humans evil? i'm sorry about your girlfriend/boyfriend paying more attention to her/his pet.

Babs said...

what a CUTIE!!!!

so glad he came thru this ordeal alright!!

Anonymous said...

betternyc is a real people person......

Ms. Represented said...

Jake for schools chancellor!! He's much better looking than the present one, he makes better decisions, and wags his own tail!!!

Anonymous said...

hooray for jake

better nyc

it is easy people like you make it easy to love dogs more than people

sound like a miserable prick

great for jake

cherokeesista said...

Ohhh My Goodness!!!! Jake looks so HANDSOME:) I agree "FlooshingRezident" I'm A Jake fan to!!! xoxoxox

fiscus1 said...

Way to go, Jake!

The resilience of animals is remarkable.

And, what's wrong with treating "dogs better than people?" In the vast majority of cases they are.

Anonymous said...

He's cute

Wonder if he'd get along with 2 cats?