Friday, June 25, 2010

Even more of the Village is now landmarked!

You all can stop losing sleep now. The Greenwich Village historic district has been expanded yet again! Aren't you guys in Broadway-Flushing just pleased as punch?


Anonymous said...

Happy for the Village, pissed about the double standard.

Anonymous said...

Why are we subsidising them with the LPC when they don't give a shit about us?

Overturn the law.

Anonymous said...

While the well deserving Broadway Flushing proposed municipal historic district is still waiting to be calendared for consideration!

It has already earned state and national historic district status.

What's up Tierney/Betts/Bloomberg?

Anonymous said...

Those lazy lifers at the LPC are just waiting for more structures in Broadway Flushing to be altered so as not to fit their criteria...whatever that elusive "criteria" might be!

Hello Mary Beth Bitch!

Anonymous said...

You see what happens when a vocal bunch of rich fags unite.

They get a district extension.

Queens should reach out to its queens to gain political clout!

Those hysterical societies sure ain't helping to preserve its worthy historic sites.

Anonymous said...

Trying to sit, let alone, live ON a landmark can be very painful to your hemorhoids