Thursday, June 24, 2010

Court upholds eminent domain abuse yet again

From the Huffington Post:

ALBANY, N.Y. — New York's top court has upheld a state redevelopment agency's use of eminent domain so Columbia University can expand its Ivy League campus over 17 acres in Manhattan's West Harlem neighborhood.

The Court of Appeals found a rational basis for the Empire State Development Corp.'s findings that the area is blighted and Columbia's expansion is an improvement project.

Columbia's proposed $6.3 billion project includes several new buildings for housing, laboratories and other facilities, two acres of public open space and tree-lined sidewalks.

The university already owns most of the land.

Other land owners claimed collusion between the school and agency and argued findings of blight were based on vermin, garbage and mold in Columbia buildings.

The court released the decision Thursday.


Anonymous said...

Disgraceful corporate shills they're probably raking in the payola in some well hidden account.

Anonymous said...

There goes the neighborhood!

Anonymous said...

Not good news at all! The Empire State Development Corp. are land grabbing assholes. They make me sick. All one has to do is say the word "blight" and there goes your property. "Blight" is the magic word used to seize property in New York.

Steve Behar said...

Terrible decision! Just like Kelo in Connecticut.

So...if the government thinks its better to have a Wal-Mart or a private university where you live they can take your house.

Mayor Bloombucks said...

My friends and I are laughing all the way to the bank, a**holes!

Anonymous said...

Funny, never happens in landmarked districts.

Anonymous said...

obviously not a picture in Queens.

everyone is soooo polite .... and even the preservationists will collaberate with the developers.