Sunday, June 20, 2010

Manhattan CB2 meeting results in first amendment trampling

Dear QC :

The Manhattan CB2 meeting was to discuss LIJ installing an "urgent care center" in the former space of Saint Vincent's Hospital. The chair of the meeting (he's not the chair of CB2), Brad Hoylman, physically and forcibly yanked the microphone out of Yetta Kurland's hands, in order to silence her at last night's meeting.

In this one, cops were called out (they appear in the end), to try to silence some angry citizens at last night's meeting:

The Queens angle could be: look at how difficult it is to try to get back a hospital, after one has closed. The political machine works against us, including using intimidating and physical tactics such as calling cops and yanking microphones out of our very hands.

Thanks and respectful regards,
-- Louis

Brad Hoylman yanked the mic? You mean this guy?


Anonymous said...

I will bet anyone that it was Bloombergs' buddy Chris Quinn who appointed this turd Holyman to that community board.

Anonymous said...

I dont want to say what should have been done to the guy who yanked the mike in the first vid.

In the second vid, couldnt you see how dangerous that crowd looked? Where were the tasers, mace and pepper spray?

To the people there that voted for Bloomberg - you deserve it.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Slush Fund Christine Quinn can't even run her own district and she wants to be MAYOR?? LOL

Anonymous said...

Oh please. I reviewed this and Holyman clearly did not yank the mic out from anybody's hand. This is ridiculous. I read your blog sometimes, but you are really going off of the deep end here. These community board members are volunteers and do the best job they can. I should know -- I am one of them.