Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Rats, construction fence all over LIC sidewalk

"Hey, Queens Crapper!

I'm still here in Long Island City and still things have not improved. Actually, it got worse. The DOH finally came and gave the stalled site on Pearson Street a violation, but they did not bait the area - nor did the property owners clean anything up. Rats still patrol the street. If you look at the DOB site, the deadbeat developer didn't even go to his five hearings. They are all in default for $17,000.00. But I have a feeling that the city will never collect it. Instead, the neighborhood suffers and the developer (in a few years) will make some deal with the city and maybe pay 10-20% of that.

Now, the illegal fence has collapsed and the DOB has been notified. The illegal fence is obstructing the sidewalk and it is now partially in the street. Thank God this fence did not collapse on a person. First, let's see how long it takes the DOB to come and then let's see how long it takes this developer to actually do something. As you can see in the photo, the garbage that was complained about over a year ago is still there. Not seen in the photo are 2 dumpsters filled with debris that have been on the site for a very long time.

I know that I am not the only New Yorker whose neighborhood or block has become worse due to irresponsible developers, but it sure feels that way. This city loves to ticket taxpaying homeowners, but when it comes to sites like these - the city doesn't want to deal with them. In addition to being an eyesore, a breeding ground for vermin - it is truly a safety hazard for the community and all New Yorkers. I guess I can't complain, right a cross the street from the Arris Lofts - the empty structure has a missing panel of what you can call a fence. Be careful everyone -don't get too close - you'll fall about 2 stories down as the building was originally on Purves Street. Don't you love how the DOB and the city (who knows what is out there) keeps us all safe. Only when there is a tragedy - a death or an injury - comes from negligence from both the developer and city will something be done. That's really sad."

- A Concerned Long Island City Native
So the area went from an "underutilized wasteland full of abandoned warehouses" (as the LIC realtors like to tell us) to a giant underutilized empty lots with weeds, rats, graffiti and debris? Sounds like real progress to me!


Anonymous said...

We complain now, but eventually they will build some monstrosity hotel there. Then we will REALLY be screwed!

Anonymous said...

Here are the turds that are responsible:

Anony2 said...

Aren't all the DOB inspectors in jail? Maybe that's why they don''t come to inspect!

Helen said...

This looks like the perfect place to start a good old fashioned "community garden". There's nothing the developers and city despise more than people growing things.

Cindie Guevara said...

“Thank God this fence did not collapse on a person.” – Yes, thank goodness for that! Looking at picture, I can see how the fallen wall obstructs the street. Although it is just lying there, it can pose danger to the pedestrians. And it is awful to imagine that someone was injured during the collapse! That is scary!