Thursday, January 28, 2010

Crazed killer ripped out woman's heart & lungs

From the NY Post:

A psychotic neighbor with a festering rejection complex was arrested for brutally butchering — and stealing organs from — a Flushing woman who owned an employment agency and declined to find him a job, cops said.

Police said the vicious killing was the culmination of a campaign of harassment and assault that maniac Huang Chen, 47, waged against victim Qian Wu since 2006. She took out nine orders of protection during that span.

In a gruesome twist straight out of a slasher film, Chen allegedly ripped Wu's lungs and heart from her body, and the organs still have not been recovered, police said.

Yesterday, Chen allegedly followed Wu, 46, into her apartment on 40th Road near Main Street and allegedly stabbed her numerous times in the torso before fleeing, cops said.

A woman in Wu's building called 911 at approximately 7:35 p.m., when she saw blood seeping out of the apartment door, cops said.


Joe said...

Thats sanctuary city for ya. (partly the blaim anyway)Any word if the killer is another illegal ?
The Judge and DA that refused to look into this "protected" nut should also be in jail for listening to the mayor

Autntie Invasion said...

that's illegal aliens, they get away with murder.

he had already done time for hitting her, she had nine orders of protection on him. That's a lot of court time, police time, think about the cost to NYC in money and resources.

how did he get into her apartment?

wondering if she went to the crappy Safe Horizons for help? they were probably more sympathetic to him as an illegal alien,then her a crime victim and a woman.

this should be prosecuted as a hate crime and deport him back to China, along with every person who helped him stay in Queens. that included the DA who didn't get him deported in the first place.

Anonymous said...

The Spanish speaking staff members at Safe Horizons didn't give a crap about her since she's not from Mexico, South America, Cuba or the DR.

or else they were not working as usual. too dam lazy and busy complaining bout America on the phone.

Joe said...

They should have deported him.
Within 6 hours of landing In China they line him against a wall a shot him. more problems, risk of innocent life or cost.

The crazy mayor is out of his mind his Berkley minded policy's.
All the violent criminals from other nations are coming to NYC for protection.
Turn on a police scanner at night and listen to the descriptions of people involved in the calls.
The are not our own people

Anony2 said...

Joe is right.
As my father always said - "You cannot govern uncivilized people with civilized laws."

Anonymous said...

OMG that's so nasty..

Anonymous said...

The Irish and Italians who first landed here 150 years ago are no better than illegal aliens of toady.

Anonymous said...

You're right. They're dead.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to "beautiful" downtown "vibrant and bustling"!

First came the Taiwanese then the Chinese bilking their own kind and now it's come down to brutal murdering!

This kind of stuff never happened pre-inv-Asian.

I'd have taken out a contract on that depraved lunatic not a useless order of protection!

Ching Chow said...

Flushing have bad karma.

First Wendy's this.

Lookie very bad for real estate sales now.

I move to East New York...lot safer!

Anonymous said...

And what did John Liu do to help this woman while he was representing the district?

Anonymous said...

Savage scum who have been highly over rated as being civilized.

Over 5,000 years of practicing the "fine art" of screwing over and brutalizing their own countrymen and woman... particularly their women!

Anonymous said...

anon wrote about irish/ital from 150 years ago- where the hell did that come from? That horseshit is based on what? I am both, and ALL my ancestors came here LEGALLY. ALL OF THEM. Had to prove they had sponsors, had to prove they had jobs. THAT is what pisses me off about the web- who are you, why are you saying this, and honestly, who do you represent? b/c if its illegals, then the argument stops there- doesnt matter what color your skin is. illegal is illegal. What a brain dead coward.

Joe said...

2 words for this animal: Bullet and Brain.

Thank you Bloomberg and Obama !

PizzaBagel said...

Ching Chow said: "Flushing have bad karma."

Maybe it's bad feng shui.

cherokeesista said...

Joe is right.
As my father always said - "You cannot govern uncivilized people with civilized laws----> Your father speak the truth!!!!!