Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Titanic Joe has left the building!

Rumor has it that 11th Street's Titanic Joe has set sail and donated his collection to the Greater Astoria Historical Society.

Aw, hell, it's not a rumor!

From "Titanic Joe" Colletti:

"I am extremely happy that GAHS is going to preserve this collection for future generations. I did it for the people that died on the boat - NY has very few memorials to the Titanic and after speaking to one of the survivors who mentioned this to me, I decided to create something dedicated to their memory."
Joe grew up in Hunters Point but has moved to Sunnyside.

GAHS will be working with him on various ideas to keep the memorial alive.


Anonymous said...

The Titanic House will be missed in the neighborhood. Best wishes to Joe.

Babs said...

I never knew it existed until now -
I am looking forward to seeing to seeing this collection in the future in the Historical Society.

Erik Baard said...

I loved taking friends to see the Titanic House. That it was a private home made it even more special; quirky individuality is the best of NYC. I'll miss it greatly in its intended context, but know the Greater Astoria Historical Society will do a fine job with it.

rexlic said...

This happened within two months of an "organic" bagel shop opening across the street from the Titanic House (the quotes on "organic" seem justified as the place took over the old auto-repair space of what is now a Getty Station). No cause and effect, just a sign of the times...