Friday, January 22, 2010


I saw the posting about Purves Street - happy that something is being done, but safety is really the most important - the DOB should have it barricaded on Thomson Avenue. Just a little update, the buildings dept still did not come to Pearson Street - not surprise, but the developers did try to "fix" the fence. This is really laughable. Let's wait and see if the DOB thinks this is acceptable. Check out the pics. It is being held up by pipes and pieces of debris. I guess - they just used what they have - a lot of garbage.

The Concerned Long Island City Native

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Anonymous said...

Enough is enough!

Planning 1000s of people to live on a brown field next to Newtown Creek. Adding 100,000s with scant discussion of infrastructure.

Now day after day of this?

We are being dicked around.

Guys, what you need to do is email your local representatives, prodevelopment groups Queens West and LIQuity, LICBDC, and your local newspapers.

You need a blizzard of complaints that they are feeding the public bullshit every time they get giggly and glassy eyed the moment a developer clears their throat.

Make them look like fools.

Humiliate them publicly every chance you get.

(PS send a copy of your love notes to Crappy where perhaps they may be posted for the world to see)