Friday, January 22, 2010

Paterson starting to sound like Bloomberg

From the Daily News:

Just deal with it.

That's Gov. Paterson's message to Mayor Bloomberg, who has been complaining that the governor's new budget proposal will harm the city.

Paterson, speaking to WOR-AM's John Gambling Thursday, said he understands Bloomberg's anger, but said everyone has to share the pain during the fiscal crisis.

Paterson's plan would cut about $750 million from the city, including $301 million in municipal aid that the governor says represents half a percent of the city's overall budget.

Bloomberg has complained the impact on the city is actually far more and called the cuts "unfair" and "disproportionate."

"I would just say to him, just remember these are the times we're in and you, yourself, mayor, are going to make cuts that you really don't want to make," Paterson said.

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Anonymous said...

A babbling blinman and a little troll!!! LMAO I love it when the mayor throws his little hissy fits....