Saturday, January 23, 2010

Waiting for word from JetBlue

From Crain's:

JetBlue said Wednesday it will decide soon whether its headquarters will stay in New York or land in a new city.

A spokesman says the company will make an announcement by the end of the first quarter. The airline has been considering moving its corporate headquarters to Orlando, Fla., the site of its training facility, for more than a year.

Moving to Orlando would also mean a brand adjustment for the carrier, which calls itself "New York's hometown airline."

The lease on JetBlue's New York headquarters expires in 2012.


Anonymous said...

new york state democrat government tax policies are going to chase many more corporations out .

they can not keep taxing the risk takers and expect employment to increase.

Lino said...

"they can not keep taxing the risk takers and expect employment to increase.'

You mean the risk taking greedy bankers who f'ed the world's economy?

Get your ignorant head out of your ass and see what is going on around you. The very people you praise are the ones who gave it to you without lube.

You are so naive.

ew-3 said...

Lino - I work in a small 3 person startup on hi-tech. And yes tax policies are putting the hurt on our growth. The unknowns about health care and future tax policy keeps us from going forward. Taking on employees is a serious business.
It's not only banks that are effected by tax policy.

Lino said...

"The unknowns about health care and future tax policy keeps us from going forward."

I understand what you are saying but, taxes have always been and will always be high here.

NYC has huge infrastructure, collective bargaining and social spending. In my business we deal on a slightly larger scale but with the same issues. Businesses will remain here as long a the city is reasonably safe and functioning, it's a matter of prestige and for us, this is where the customers are.

I go to the sticks every week and would never want to base my operations there.

We would have had health care settled but for the stalling tactics of the gop.

Georges said...

I would be sorry to see Jet Blue leave, especially Queens as there are few big names remaining. But this is not new as countless manufacturers, startups and fortune 500 & 1000 HQ have left the city and NYS because of their anti-business and high taxes policys.

I like Jet Blue as they have a quality operation that has restored a certain sensibility to budget flying that the former major airlines could not comprehend. I foresee that they are already goners.

Has things changed here to attract buisness? Look to the big A where companies are bidding to build a large casini-entertainment complex and no one in the State is green lighting approval - go figure this out - we are losing millions each month on this issue alone!!!???

ew-3 said...

Lino = my company is in the sticks, the sticks of MA. I left NYC 25 years ago due to high taxes, high crime, high cost of living and it being just a lousy place to live. (was born there in 52)
It's nice to live in a place where I have deer come up to the window, but can be in Boston in 30 minutes. Three's a lot of high tech still here even though the Dems have been trying to destroy it with their tax policies.
BTW - the people of MA do not like the health care that has been force on them, despite what the MSM may portray.

Anonymous said...

re:lino the liar liberal loyalass,

businesses will remain in n.y.c. and ny as long as they
can make a reasonable profit.

do you mean that the obama care democrat/liberals should have welcomed the GOP into the secret closed door meetings that the dems. conducted ? result ,Louisiana purchase and Nebraska medicaid extortion.

was it not wonderful that obama/pelosi/reid/ exempted your left wing unions from paying the 40% tax on their insurance premiums ? while the rest of the U.S. citizens pay the tax .

smart bankers would not have been threatened by Acorn,B.Frank,C.Dodd,A.Cuomo and the community organizer. mine wasn't.
BTW ,have you been following the trail of Freddy Mac and Fannie Mae ? can you spin their activity?

Lino who lives in New York said...

" ew-3 said...
Lino = my company is in the sticks, the sticks of MA. I left NYC 25 years ago"

Then, don't you think you were a bit misleading in your remarks.

The topic was -New York- taxes etc. Not MA.

BTW: I somewhat agree on the health care bill. We need to expand Medicare and train doctors for a price that doesn't leave them with a $500k debt right out of med school.

Anonymous said...

there once was a man named barack
who put his country in hock.

ew-3 said...

Lino - I'm talking about taxes everywhere. Some of my customers happen to be in NY. Taxes there effect me as well.

The only change I want in medical care for the moment is tort reform. It's the only change most of the population wants.
But that won't happen because lawyers are the number one "investor" in funding the democratic party.

Joe said...

The sticks of MA are better then NYC ?

I was stuck in Groton recording for a month and I wanted to die.
Everybody has frozen bread in the freezer. Its an hour of driving and burning gas to get anything done.

The food is lousy, you freeze your ass of in the winter plus pay $2000 a month in heating oil bills.
Id move to Mexico before moving to the sticks.

Falmouth in the summer was nice but now its main strip looks more like 23st and it take 2 hours and a death to cross the Bourn Bridge.
I call it Mass-Hole

Anonymous said...

Ma. is another name for TAX-ACHUSETTS. one of the highest tax paying states in the Nation,along with New York and New Jersey. give us the statistics ,LINO/LAME-O ?