Thursday, January 28, 2010

Como comeback?

From City Hall:

Anthony Como is still waiting to hear on the job he says was promised to him to be a commissioner for the New York City Housing Authority. But if that does not work, State Sen. Joe Addabbo could have something to worry about.

“I think my wife would kill me [if I passed on the NYCHA job]” Como said. “I’m upset. I’m hoping it comes through sooner rather than later. As long as I can stay in government, that’s what I’m looking for. Whether it’s the city level somewhere in the administration, or on the state level in the State Senate, I don’t know.”

Como said he was offered the $172,311-a-year commissionership last spring by Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s campaign around the same time Bloomberg sought support for his mayoral campaign from a recalcitrant Queens Republican Party.

Como said the last time he was in contact with the Bloomberg administration about the NYCHA job was in late November or early December, and was told the Department of Investigation inquiry was still ongoing into several zoning violations Como committed while renovating his Middle Village home in 2007.

One local GOP operative said that Como appeared unlikely to get the position at this point. The operative said tensions between the Bloomberg campaign and the Queens Republican Party, which on several occasions bashed the mayor after giving Bloomberg their Wilson-Pakula endorsement, were a factor in Como likely not getting the position.

Other possible candidates include Gabriel Tapalaga, president of the Middle Village Republican Club and 2008 Assembly candidate Anthony Nunziato, a district leader who is part of the Haggerty faction. [Tom] Ognibene said he is not interested in running.


Anonymous said...

Photo sums it up. Thank you Queens Crapper.

Anonymous said...

Does he seriously think Bloomberg, "man of no honor" will keep his promise? Como is too stupid to be in government! (if that's even possible!)

Anonymous said...

Como, Addabbo, Tapalanga, Nunziata? I'll stick with Addabbo.

Anonymous said...

mr.como is the best. he is very smart . good luck mr. como. he is the man of honor . the stuppid ,,anonymous said '' he is gelos bc is not smart like mr. como . i think mr . como he must to be next to mr. bloomberg . seriously .