Friday, January 29, 2010

Things that go 'bump' in the night

From the Daily News:

After 49th St. was repaved in December, the city Department of Transportation did not re-paint white warning strips on the speed bumps, between 28th and 25th Aves., locals said. And since then, hapless drivers have had bone-jarring encounters with the bumps, especially late at night.

"My house is rumbling," said John Warren, 45, a father of three who lives on 49th St. near the speed bumps.

It's especially unnerving when trucks pass through, taking an illegal shortcut to the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, locals said.

City Councilman Peter Vallone Jr. (D-Astoria) said his office notified the Transportation Department about the unpainted bumps on Dec. 8, but has yet to hear a reply.

"It's like a motorist being ambushed by a camouflaged death trap on the street," Vallone said.

Before the bumps were installed in 2005, the street used to be a "raceway" for speeding vehicles, residents said.

But the speed bumps haven't slowed everyone down.

"People [speed] purposefully because they want to see how airborne they can get," Warren said.


Anonymous said...

i recently had to replace my car's motor mounts and one axle. i believe the street bumps installed by the D.O. Highways in the Bayside area have caused the damage.
i will put a claim in against the city for damage payment the next time.

i think they have over done this situation.

Anonymous said...

The drivers in Astoria, honed on the streets of Rio or Beruit, or Lagos - or worse - are a sight to see - speeding past you to stop at the next light, beeping their horn THE MOMENT the light turns, generally, like the pols and developers that fester that poor community, a pain in the ass.