Friday, June 26, 2009

Unisphere hawks released

From City Birder:

Bobby Horvath released the two juvenile Red-tailed Hawks in Flushing Meadow Park where they were reunited with their family. He sent a few photos of the event.


-Joe said...

Sad how those fountains only get turned on 2 weeks a year (with taxpayer $$)for migratory prisses and metrosexuals going to the US open.

Parks even turns on the 2nd pump room when they do USTA photo ops.

Taxpayer said...

Beautiful birds.

But, they better be careful.

The Commissar and his Gestapo just may round them up and toss them into the gas chamber to exterminate them.

He clearly loathes living wildlife - actually, all living beings who don't contribute to his wealth. And prefers death to all to upset him.

What does this turtle-faced freak do with turtles in this city? Have you seen any turtles lately? Where are they all?

linda said...

wow i wish they would fly over here in maspeth and go after all the pigeons. saw the lady feeding them again, but still swears she doesn't...... would love the hawks to freak her out and the flying rats......

Anonymous said...

Train these Hawks to eat Canadian geese!