Thursday, June 11, 2009

Queens CB7 improprieties neatly listed

"On the evening of June 8, 2009 I attended the general meeting of Queens Community Board #7. I brought my camcorder to document any new information about Flushing Airport and potential development. Although that topic was not mentioned, I was surprised to hear this comment about the board made by Robert LoScalzo during the public participation session at the end.

The democratic process is important, especially when Mayor Bloomberg and his real estate development buddies are making my neighborhood a hell on earth! Bloomberg has already overturned term limits laws that the people of NYC voted for TWICE!!! His megawealth and incumbency are giving him an unfair advantage and it made me realize that people are being manipulated and practically forced to approve a continuation of policies that are detrimental to NYC!

Community boards are supposed to provide a voice that would protect citizens from being treated unfairly. However, recent decisions and potential conflicts of interest by this community board have caused me great consternation. I now have to question how much of a democratic process is left for the people that make up all 5 boroughs of New York City.

It is my sincere hope that the candidacy of City Councilman Tony Avella is recognized and that the media starts to give him the coverage that he deserves. This is a critical election year and the decision of the voters will definitely have an impact on the direction the city will take. Please take a little time to think about how important the democratic process is and realize that a change of administration is needed now and not in 4 more years! Perhaps it is time to clean house starting at the local level and going all the way to the top of the food chain??!?!??! Don't let NYC become a playground for the rich and famous at the expense of your needs and the needs of your families. Thank you." - Al

Interesting how Kelty, Apelian and Bitterman all decided to skip the last CB7 meeting...

Oh, here's another complaint about Queens CB7.


Anonymous said...

The disgrace here is that it takes a non-Board member, such as the guy in the video, to stand up to and challenge this Board's questionable behavior. No matter what they see, CB7 members always keep their mouths shut, out of fear that Kelty and Apelian will have them stripped of their Board membership by Helen Marshall.

CB7 proved during its most recent meeting this week that it functions perfectly well without Kelty and Apelian, who were both absent. Viewed as a test run of CB7's possible future leadership, the meeting proved that they are up to the task.

Anonymous said...

Apelian is an egotistical thug
who's been around too long and needs replacement!

Kelty is looking more like a tired, seedy follower these days rather than a savvy energetic chairman...unless you should happen to step on his male chauvinist toes one night by asking a pointed question. Then you'll awaken him!

And as for Marilyn Bitterman she's an overpaid hack.

Is there any truth to the "rumors" that she loves to receive "gifts" from (Taiwanese benafactors), lunches, tickets, "road trips", etc. too?

Does Wellington Chen (and or "TDC") really call all the shots around here?

Anonymous said...

I can remember that smart community activist Joyce Shepperd taking on CB#7 one night.

There were about 8 NYPD officers present...and 2 tried to "escort" her out after she put it to the board with a statement she read during the public participation period!

In fact she was making the rounds of various Queens community boards criticizing their shortcomings.

There was always a rather heavy police presence if they got wind of her coming.

Great waste of taxpayers' money to "protect" us (?) from a lone 5'7" woman merely trying to exercise her civil rights in a democracy.

linda said...

isn't a damn shame how corrupt this city has become? bloomass, quinn, helen marshall, council members, now our community boards. we need to get rid of bloomass and clean the entire house! reading into all this makes me sick.......

still think someone should come in a investergate that bastard on his special interests, how the hell does he get away with this.

Anonymous said...

you're chance for a change...."Linda"!

I know that I certainly am!

Anonymous said...

"Crafty" Claire Shulman, once appeared at an East Flushing Civic Association meeting.

She tried to razzle-dazzle her way along by bullshitting the (fearful-of-incurring-her-wrath) attendees.

Joyce Shepperd piped up and said something like.
"..Why are you all kissing her ass"...?

I'll never forget you for that Joyce. It was right on the money!

Your elected official are supposed to be your employees.

You hired them with your votes.

You shouldn't live in fear of them
like some lowly supplicant.

If they do a crap job you can fire them with your next round of votes1

Anonymous said...

Where's the director of community boards, Karen Koslowitz?

Anonymous said... the real culprit here.

If you just sit back and do'll get nothing!

Unless you show some courage and stand up to these clubhouse padded community boards, like this guy just did,
you'll continue to get what you deserve...a government that doles out excuses when they should be fulfilling the will of the people!

Think of that lone man who stood in front of that advancing tank in Beijing during the pro-democracy movement demonstration years ago.

He had a lot more to lose but he did it anyway!

What have you lazy dogs got to

Get out from under that shady porch.

So you get sunburned a little!

Anonymous said...

There are no checks and balances system at work within our Queens dictatorship.

The clubhouse runs the whole show because there's no competition out there!

Koslowitz is a clubhouse pawn.

You expect her to be an honest director of the CBs?

Anonymous said...

Koslowitz is probably incapable of using the Internet and so has not seen this video.

It's likely that the guy in the video is going to wait until the next CB7 meeting, to see if Kelty complies with the request for full disclosure. If Kelty does not, then perhaps there will be additional presentations and the involvement of Koslowitz and other officials, including DOI if necessary.

Anonymous said...

Was there any media there or is this just another one of the many awesome Queens Crap exclusives?

Anonymous said...

"Media" left after the last item was voted. Media incorrectly presumes that no public participation will be significant or newsworthy, when exactly the opposite is true.

Observer said...

I am beginning to see an interesting trend that this post confirms! Over the past 2 years, I noticed that Community Board #7 started to lose its "punch" especially on matters relating to issues here in College Point. Also, the hypocritical flip flopping on the Willets Point project decisions make me wonder if there is not a higher authority guiding certain board members. Have you seen this?:

So far, I have only seen the connection between Chuck Apelian and the Vallones made public here on Queens Crap. How sad when the only source of information about your community can only be found on blog sites. On the other hand, I give Queens Crap a great deal of credit for reporting important news of issues that impact on the state of this borough. Thank you, Crappie, and please do not stop being the best source of credible local news around!!!

JOE A said...

Anonymous said...
you're chance for a change...."Linda"!

I know that I certainly am!


Anonymous said...

what scum bags cb7 are how can we get them out who do i complain to or wright letter to this has to stop were are our rights

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
The disgrace here is that it takes a non-Board member, such as the guy in the video, to stand up to and challenge this Board's questionable behavior. No matter what they see, CB7 members always keep their mouths shut, out of fear that Kelty and Apelian will have them stripped of their Board membership by Helen Marshall.

cb7 is not for the people they have to go they will be voted out

Fed Up! said...

Is any community board untainted? A friend (no really!) received a ticket in the mail for double parking while visiting the Bell Boulevard section of Bayside. I called Community Board #11 on her behalf and the person who answered the phone told me that she also received a ticket for the same offense and it is perfectly legal! So an important lesson was learned. In NYC, you can get a ticket for double parking, even if you are sitting in your car. The courtesy of asking you to move is no longer on the table. I suggested that the community board look into this and see if the ticket agents could at least ask you to move but that suggestion probably hit the circular file as soon as the conversation ended.

Who is the chair of CB#11? Jerry Iannece! This is another candidate running for Councilman Tony Avella's seat. It is alleged that he is backed by the Queens machine. If the attitude of the person answering the phones at the CB#11 office is prevalent among the staff and members, than the people of north Queens are in deep doo doo. Steve Behar is looking better every day. As I said at the outset, are community boards representing the best interests of the community or are they becoming vehicles for Bloomberg's friends in the real estate business in order to extend their grips on local levels?

Suzannah B. Troy artist said...

This is my posting on my blog in response to the video and I have done an entire series on what feels like corruption from State to City New York style
TWEED de le dee TWEED del dum

Anonymous said...

CB7- it's the other community board from hell!

Tony A. said...

Hey Fed Up

Double parking is always illegal for a reason. You tie up a traffic lane and create safety issues by sometimes requiring cars to go into the opposing lane. Double parking can also put pedestrians crossing the street at risk by making it harder for a motorist to see them.

What really pisses me off is that there is usually an open spot further down the street, but that you are just too lazy to walk 50 feet.

Anonymous said...

Funny though how it's perfectly legal for the person giving you a ticket for double parking to leave their vehicle double parked while they do so...

Anonymous said...

What really pisses me off is that there is usually an open spot further down the street, but that you are just too lazy to walk 50 feet.

You deserve to be pissed on and not pissed off! Some handicapped people cannot walk 50 feet and people wait to pick up love ones at medical facilites only to get a ticket in the mail? The agent could at least ask the offending driver to move. Obviously you have no compassion. Also, you ASSume that all streets only have two lanes? Some people may be double parked because they see someone about to leave a spot and are waiting for the car to leave. Turdberg's traffic agents need to be a little more respectful and ask someone to move if they are sitting in their car. There may be a perfectly legitimate excuse to be tying up a lane for a brief period of time. If a car is sitting unattended, all bets are off. The policy seems to create a financial burden on some people who can ill afford the fine from these tickets. If someome is sitting in a car, they can move it if they are creating a hazard.

Anonymous said...

And how does this relates to CB#7's improprieties??? I guess Evan needs to create a diversion to protect his buddy Chuck.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Chuck, has anyone heard from Apelian or Kelty lately? Are they aware of this article?

Anonymous said...

I head that Paul Vallones toupe is the new chair of Board 7.