Sunday, January 4, 2009

Willets Point dog and pony show continues

A Willets Point tenant business leader said he does not anticipate the city will move out any of the businesses in the industrial business community until at least 2011.

Marcos Neira, who represents about 60 businesses at Willets Point, said he has been negotiating relocation terms for businesses that rent in the area and city officials have indicated the removal of the businesses is not imminent.

“I don’t think anything will happen here for a while. We’ve got some time,” Neira said. “It gives us the time to find the right place, to find a place to be moved together.”

The city Economic Development Corp., which is heading up the redevelopment plans, maintained that its timeline was unchanged and hoped to have the site razed in 2010.

Willets Point tenant leader says no biz relocation until ‘11


Anonymous said...

When Detroits big 3 finally tank come spring those junkyards will be earning 10X what they do now.
The devolopers may be broke nobodys buying million dollar barricks units Bloomberg's been ramming through.

Not even $300K units un that bank (with the green dome and clock) in Brooklyn

Anonymous said...

willets point was dead on arrival it was just done to show the mayor can get something big passed. with no money and the city bleeding from all ends this project will never happen. maybe now that wilpon has lost his fortune he will stop his non stop bickering of the mayor to destroy willets point so they can make a parking lot for his new soccer stadium he's planning to build on the old shea site

Anonymous said...

willets point will never happen there's just to meny things in the way . between the big 3 staying and all the law suits comming next month and the city has no money .its over the people of willets point win