Friday, January 23, 2009

Smith lending out campaign cash to pals

From the Daily News:

Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith used campaign funds to give a fellow Democratic lawmaker a $2,800 "personal loan" - a possible violation of state election law.

Smith, a Queens Democrat, gave the money to Sen. Ruth Hassell-Thompson, a Mount Vernon Democrat, on Jan. 2, his campaign's recent filing with the state Board of Elections shows.

"It was used for something personal," said Smith spokesman Austin Shafran, who declined to elaborate.

Hassell-Thompson also declined to provide details, other than to say it was a "personal loan to me, and it's going to be paid back in March."

State election law allows campaign funds to be used for any lawful purpose, but also says "such funds shall not be converted by any person to a personal use which is unrelated to a political campaign or the holding of a public office or party position."

Election officials did not respond to calls for comment.


Anonymous said...

No big deal here, even though I hate Smith this is nothing. They are hiding it and they put the loan on public records. So it may be a violation but nothing to go berserk about.

His failure to shrink Albany's budget is another story to get pissy about....

Anonymous said...

Phonies, Liars, Thieves... get rid of them all...NOW!!!!