Saturday, January 31, 2009

Bloomberg explains how screwed we are

And from the Daily News:

Candidates hoping to replace Mayor Bloomberg in November are offering their initial comment on his budget, and needless to say the reviews are not glowing.

City Comptroller Bill Thompson was first out of the gate with a statement saying the mayor is trying to "balance the budget on the backs of working people."

Rep. Anthony Weiner hit our inbox moments later with a more measured response along the same lines, saying "it's generally a bad idea to raise taxes on the middle class."


Anonymous said...

Funny things happen when you balloon the city's payroll.

Actually, some of Bloomer's message was was to say how great we are doing relative to other cities.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Weiner is so intelligent and has such deep insight.

What exactly has Weiner done to fix the problem? Well, he just voted a second time to put the bite on the taxpayers.

I need to wait to see just how socialist Bill Thompson is, but, I know, with certainty, that Weiner is a leftist, destructive socialist who will repair nothing because he see this crisis as an opportunity to have government in charge of everything, responsible for nothing and the taxpayer footing the entire bill and doing all the suffering.

Resign from Congress Weiner. Then run for mayor. Or, like all these failing corporations, you want to take no risks?

Since we taxpayers are doing all the paying and suffering, let's dump both Weiner and the Commissar.

Then, let's all profit from some fresh, imaginative, intelligent thinking and management.

Anonymous said...

I'm researching the possibility
that "bloody" Bloomberg might be a descendant of Vlad "the impaler"
considering all of the zealous
double edged cutting he's been up to lately!

Anonymous said...

"Someone's creeping
'round the corner...

can that someone be MIKE THE KNIFE"?

Bloomberg has been busy slicing up New York City's budget once again
for the benefit of his wealthy buddies!