Saturday, January 31, 2009

"New Shea" Stadium?

From A Fine Blog:

What do left wing-nut Rep. Dennis Kuchinich and ultra-right conservative Rep. Ted Poe have in common? Both have written Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner demanding that Citigroup dissolve the agreement with the New York Mets that pays the Mets $400 Million dollars for naming rights to their new stadium. What do these politicians propose if Citigroup doesn't do it? "Absent this outcome, we feel strongly that you should compel Citigroup to return immediately all federal monies received to date, as well as cancel all loan guarantees", the letter reads. Wow, that's some pretty tough talk! Will it happen?..."New Shea" might be making a comeback!

And the old Shea is getting a farewell at noon today.


Anonymous said...

A grand idea - taxpayers should not foot the Citi field bill of whopping 400 million - let the Mets find another sponsor at that cheap price! Shea is available!

Anonymous said...

No, Shea is gone. We all have our memories of it, but let it stay gone. How about "Gil Hodges Field"?

Anonymous said...

Gil Hodges is a nice thought, but I have a better one.

The naming of the stadium is easy. It should be 'Joan Payson Stadium'. She fought against the Giants leaving while she was a part owner and was the driving force in the founding of the Mets.

Found this quote;

"After the Mets won the 1969 pennant, reporters saw Ms. Payson crying in the clubhouse. They approached her and commented to her that she must be really happy. To which she replied, "No. I'm thinking about the 1962 team. All those poor men. People said it was funny. It wasn't funny. It was awful!"

Most reports indicate that Joan Payson was as kind and decent an owner to play for as any in history, even despite her reliance on M. Donald Grant. Certain players from the era maintain that, until the purges, the Mets were like a family back then and Ms. Payson was a big reason why."

She loved baseball and loved the team she founded. And she needs her due for what she did for this city.

I remember my father pointed her out to me one day at the stadium when I was barely old enough to put a glove on my hand. I couldnt fathom the notion of 'owning a sports team' but I remembered her as the lady they would always show on tv when the Mets played. No individual is more synonymous with the Mets than Joan Payson.

Anonymous said...


Screw Ms. Payson ...she sole her Shelter Rock Road estate to a devoloper who cut every tree and put up 250 units of cookie cutter McMansion garbage.
School taxes doubled

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh, please. To hold her responsible for the actions of her purchaser is silly.

Anonymous said...

Did someone say Parkside Park?

Anonymous said...

So, now Kuchinich and Poe want the Mets to return the $400 million to Citigroup?

But, they never put that provision into the original bill or even the current bill.

This is the usual extortion. And, before you think I'm defending Citigroup, know this: I detest the company. They need to fail and return to the dustbin of history.

They are too big to rescue. They were paying off politicians for years. Now, the politicians want us taxpayers to pick up the tab for Citigroup's failure, plus the failures of the brokerages, the auto industry, the miserably lazy and greedy politicians (Frank, Dodd, Clinton(s), Obama, Pelosi) and all the other incompetent failures who brought us to this crisis.

What obligations do we taxpayers have to give so much as a penny to any abject failure who never thought to share any profits with us, but now wants all of us to share in the risks, while the same losers keep mismanaging?

Let the failures fail. The results will be bracing. Perhaps we will finally understand that the lies told by the purchased politicians were destructive. Perhaps we will understand that lunch is never free, no matter how great the politician who says so looks on TV.

Anonymous said...

Maspethian said...
Gil Hodges is a nice thought, but I have a better one.

The naming of the stadium is easy. It should be 'Joan Payson Stadium'. She fought against the Giants leaving while she was a part owner and was the driving force in the founding of the Mets.
Good point. I wouldn't argue against naming it after Mrs. Payson.

Anonymous said...

Put me down for Gil Hodges Stadium. I would even consider going to the new stadium then!

Anonymous said...

Did someone say Parkside Park.
Thats already Great Hall from the looks of it

georgetheatheist said...

I'm for "Donald Manes Memorial Stadium".

Anonymous said...


A reminder:

Shea was the lawyer responsible for the demolition of the old late great Mc Kim Meade & White designed
Penn Station.

Its destruction later led to the institution of NYC's landmark law (even though the LPC has lapsed into the feeble joke that it's become today)!

Just simply call it "Mets Stadium"!

Anonymous said...

How about "Shul-Manes Parkside Park" conveniently located in the middle of "Wellington Pointe"?

Let that corrupt troll Toby Stavisky throw out the first ball then throw her out of the stadium!

Then give Evan a mit and see if he can field that heavy play!

Anonymous said...

I still think that a post ancient coliseum venue would be the best attraction for the new stadium in which crooked pols are thrown to the lions.

That would be some very amusing sport for us eager spectators to witness.

The starting lineup might be:

Dennis "pinky" Gallagher;
F-Liu-xing's own John Liu;
the entire Flushing Chamber of Commerce; Evan & Toby....yadda, yadda, me out here folks.. I'm getting a little weary.

Any other suggestions?

Anonymous said...

Willets Pt. Stadium

Anonymous said...

Why don't they name the stadium;
The stupid mother fu....s from QUEENS

Anonymous said...

Better not be Jackie Robinson stadium. He never played for the Mets and he never played in Queens. I like Gil Hodges Stadium, How about Flushing Stadium as that is where they play. To bad Mets Stadium doesn't sound good. Shea is gone and it shouldn't be Shea again.

Anonymous said...

Name the stadium Gil Hodges memorial field.

Anonymous said...

Mets Stadium doesn't sound good, but how about Metropolitan Field?